ROARING LOUD AND proud, the San Beda Red Corps cheerleading squad fought hard despite their performance during the showdown for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Season 98 Cheerleading Competition last April 30 at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum in Manila.  

The Red Corps consisted of mostly newcomers this season, all of whom were eager to showcase their skills and talents.  

Team Captain Kimbo Neil Atienza, also known as “Chief,” described the competition as a thrilling experience for the team. He mentioned that his teammates were extremely happy since most members of the squad have never exhibited their talents in a competition, so it is a dream for them to be able to participate and perform in the NCAA successfully and safely. 

San Beda Red Corps Program Head and Team Manager, John Alindogan, stated that the foundation of their training is through discipline and the embodiment of Bedan values, Ora et Labora, in the mindset of the members to prepare them for competitions such as the NCAA Season 98 Cheerleading Competition. 

Mr. Alindongan emphasized that one of the concerns they have gone through is creating a bond among members since their squad is composed of freshmen. Nonetheless, Atienza considered their immense eagerness to perform and display their skills while having rookies. 

He also mentioned that prior to the competition, they experienced difficulties in training since they only had six months to prepare, which he believes to be inefficient for the team. “Yung problem dun is paano mo sila bubuuin na may tiwala sa isa’t isa in a short period of time kasi we only started last October and for a cheerleading team to be a real fighting union sa totoo lang you need eight months to one year,” he added.  

The Red Corps training period improved aspects such as gymnastics, stance, skills, and endurance. However, Mr. Alindongan believes that their overall showmanship needs further improvement as well. Along with that, they are also still required to boost their abilities and recruitment charm to be a contender for the upcoming year. 

Mr. Alindongan personally feels disappointed, but he also stated that “In reality since we only have six months to train, we have overachieved.” He further stated that “so, with regards to the performance of the team with only six months in preparation, I am satisfied with the results.” 

Atienza expects a more solid bond between the members of the Red Corps in the next season and the team plans to continue their previous system as it demonstrated an effective method that helped the team develop their talent and improve their skills. 

Both the Mr. Alindongan and Atienza expressed their gratitude to the Bedan community for the faith they have given and hope for their continued support and trust in the Red Corps. “Yung nakita niyo po last time is mas maeentertain pa po kayo and mas makikita niyo pa po kung gaano kasolid yung team namin sa kung ano po yung mga pinagsamahan namin after all nung failure,” Atienza concluded.  

(with Jannine Salinas)