IN ADDRESSING THE growing needs of all the Bedan student-athletes, various San Beda University (SBU) offices held a “Reorientation for all Student-Athletes: Back to Basics” at the Jonathan Sy Auditorium, April 12. 

The said reorientation was to inform Bedan student-athletes of the updated institution’s services and rules as they were reminded to adhere with it. 

The event was spearheaded by the institutional Office of Student Affairs (OSA), along with the Student Affairs Services, College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), Prefect of Student Athletes, Guidance and Counseling Services, Benedictine Mission and Identity, Campus Ministry, Registrar, Library Services, Clinic, Security Services, and CAS Prefect of Student Discipline, as each respectively presented the service they provide.  

Selected student leaders from the CAS Student Council (SC), San Beda Elite Circle of Ushers and Usherettes (SBECU), and the Bedan Musicians Guild, also helped the facilitation of the program.  

Dean Dominador Manlincon of the OSA revealed that the event was meant to refresh student-athletes with their Bedan identity and culture. The event likewise reminded the student-athletes of what are expected from them, and the engagement of a meaningful and productive learning experience at the University. 

Dean Manlincon regards the great honor and pride given by the student-athletes while he called the unwavering support from the Bedan community. 

“We enjoin everyone – administrators, faculty, students, staff, and the alumni to continue extending our support, in the best way we can to all our student athletes – praying for their good health and safety, assisting them in their academic undertakings, giving them inspiration, sharing with them any available resources they need, being with and cheering for them during games,” Dean Manlincoln urged. 

Dean Manlincon also addressed all Bedan student-athletes as he quoted a popular sports movie, Coach Carter; “These boys are student-athletes. Student comes first. Hit is a huge implication for all of you our dear Bedan student-athletes. Studies should be prioritized over being an athlete.  Being an athlete with a fulfilled educational achievement is both an honor and a wonderful privilege. After all, career and character skills in education are and should always be your primary goal,” he prompted. 

 At length, Dean Manlincon assured the student-athletes the full support of the Bedan family as they represent the institution on the upcoming national and international stages.