THE KAPISANANG AGHAM ng San Beda (KASB) conducted its life-like training project entitled Bantay Buhay which sought to increase the knowledge of its attendees regarding emergency medical response and fire safety last May 27 at the University’s Open Grounds.  

The program stemmed from the understanding of the significance of providing individuals, primarily Natural Science students, with the abilities and information needed to respond appropriately in case of emergency. 

“The idea was to empower participants by teaching them life-saving techniques and promoting a culture of safety,” stated Krista Samson, KASB officer and organizer of the project. 

The activity was in collaboration with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) – NCR Manila Fire District headed by SSupt. Christine Gueco Doctor-Cula was responsible for providing expert guidance, resources, and logistical support to KASB officers and Bedan NatSci participants. 

It was stated by the participants, such as Patricia Merza who is the secretary-general of the executive board of the KASB and was also a participant in the said activity, that she learned several new insights and learnings. 

“This activity has provided me with opportunities to delve deeper into the intricacies of the human body. By actively participating in this activity, I have gained practical insights and witnessed the application of medical knowledge in real-life situations,” she further shared. 

Additionally, Merza also added that “KASB Bantay Buhay has been instrumental in providing me with the chance to develop vital life-saving skills, by learning about first aid emergencies and the proper procedures to handle them, I have gained valuable knowledge on how to assist and potentially save lives during critical situations.” 

Meanwhile, in the handling of the event, Samson cited that just like any other activity there have been challenges and difficulties that the organizers have encountered, particularly with concerns regarding logistical issues, and unexpected changes in the program schedule. However, they “managed through effective communication, contingency planning, and the presence of a dedicated executive board,” she asserted. 

Samson further expressed that she was pleased with the turnout of their event as she noticed the active engagement of the participants during the training. 

Merza cited a memorable experience for her during the event, “this activity served as a unifying platform, bringing together individuals with a shared passion for learning and a desire to make a positive impact in the community.” She also emphasized that “most especially during the course of the activity, we had the opportunity to learn new things together. It was a collaborative and interactive experience where we exchanged knowledge, shared insights, and worked as a team to enhance our understanding of first-aid training.”  

KASB then mentioned that there is a good potential that the activity will be expanded, or even institutionalized in the future to reach more people and to further promote emergency preparedness and safety awareness. 

With the hopes of planning future activities of the organization similar to this, would be openly supported by the participants and members of the organization. 

As mentioned by Mezra, “Being part of an activity with similar objectives as KASB Bantay Buhay would expose me to a diverse group of individuals who share my passion for helping others and making a difference.”