WITH ACADEMIC YEAR 2022-2023 coming to a close, the College of Arts and Sciences – Student Council (CAS-SC) has held several events in the last remaining months of their term in preparation and transition of responsibilities for the next academic year, 2023-2024. 

In line with this, the SC has conducted events and activities that highlight concerns and put to a close its remaining duties and responsibilities of the outgoing SC officers throughout the remaining days of June, such as the Student Council Turnover and the Student Council Executive Committee (SCEC) Closing Ceremony. 

Student Council Turnover 

As the closing of the academic year comes to a close, also does come to the end of the term of the outgoing officers. Last June 14 the SC formalized turnover of the newly elected officers from the General Elections. 

Julia San Jose, the incumbent Vice-President for Internal Affairs, also mentioned that “it the turnover was actually late because we had to wait for the president. unfortunately, even after the special elections wala pa ding president. so, we decided that we cannot postpone the turnover any longer—kailangan na namin (elected SC) magtrabaho.” 

The “overall preparations — there was nothing special naman bc ever since na-elect kami, we’re already in close coordination with the outgoing SC. it’s just a matter of formalities na makapagturnover kami” San Jose added. 

Another highlight according to San Jose was the outgoing SC and presidential bets, Kurt Casano and Arlene Grace Sol, “were able to make amends.” 

As San Jose narrated “napagusapan nila what happened during the MDA, and they said their respective apologies din naman. I think that’s the event highlight because unlike what others paint them na “magkaaway” sila, it’s far from that.” 

Mikaela Dimapilis, the fourth year batch representative mentioned that their talk between her and Kurt and Kysha has played a vital role in how she’ll work on her position.  

Dimapilis also added that they were able to talk about the current issues, past dilemmas, and other factors that concern the batch 2024, which she considered to be part of her platform.  

As well as with projects that she plans to be executed as planned with careful consideration of what she was able to talk about during the transition.  

While for San Jose, “Siguro the only difference lang is that we can work “officially.” By officially, meaning hindi na freedom wall pag nagtatrabaho kami pero kidding aside, the incoming SC is grateful to our predecessors for the wisdom and knowledge they share. Moving forward, we, the incoming Student Council, are working hard to meet the student’s needs.” 

SCEC Closing Ceremony 

As another term begins, the outgoing members of the Student Council Executive Committee (SCEC) hold their closing ceremony at the Abbot Lopez Hall on the morning last June 26, 2023, with the event being spearheaded by Krista Samson as SCEC Executive Director. 

The purpose of the event according to Samson as address the burnout of leaders through a seminar on leadership with a resource speaker with a background in psychology. 

As stated by Samson “It is essential for enhancing the well-being and effectiveness of the executive committees of the student council and San Beda Student Council 2022-2023 (SBSC) also wants to recognize and acknowledge the significance of the Executive Committees and their hard work and dedication during their term.” 

“They aim to honor the significant contributions and achievements of each committee in achieving the goals and objectives of the Student Council through the SCEC Closing: Leadership Forum and Awarding Ceremony” added Samson.  

The speaker, Rian Portugez, was brought to discuss issues of burnout and stress that leaders often encounter. 

With an emphasis that effective leadership there is a need for effective adopting management and proactive resolution of these challenges as well as being able to acknowledge and address those burnout and stressful situation, can leaders preserve their well-being and pave the way for sustainable success.  

Moreover, in recognition of the services of the different SCEC committees and student-leaders of the committees, this was also the time when they we given recognition for their work. 

The criteia for the awards are as follows social relevance (40%), the impact of contribution (15%), resourcefulness and initiative (10%), and consistency of performance (35%). While the panel to evaluate the SCEC was composed of the outgoing SC officers.  

On where the list of awardees was Under the category of the most active committee: first place for the Creatives & Publicity Committee, second Place for the Research Education and Internal Communication, third Place for the Commission on Audit, fourth place for the Alumni Relations Committee 

Under the category of the most Innovative Committee /Best Activity: first place for the Athletics Committee, second Place for the Corporate Communications Committee, third Place for the Social Awareness & Community Involvement Committee, fourth Place for the Student Rights and Welfare Committee 

While under the category of the most Outstanding Committee: 1st place for the Creatives & Publicity Committee, 2nd Place for the Personality Development Committee, 3rd Place for the Finance Committee 

It was also during this time when the different committee heads and co-heads were awarded by the SC for their effort by through the means of leadership awards to show appreciation for their efforts in assisting and leading their committees in service to the SC and the Bedan Community. 

The award had five criteria, those being Leadership Skills (25%), Academic Excellence (25%), Extracurricular (aside from SCEC) (20%), Religious Activity/Affiliation (15%), and Collaboration (15%), for a total of 100%. 

Whereas the awardees for the most outstanding student-leaders in SCEC are as follows: Enrique Bonete of PDC, Andrea Chavez of PDC, Ella Clemente of PDC, Janna Ilagan of Creatives, Alfredo Meneses of Finance, Shaira Pingol of Finance, Aaron Ramos of Athletics Comm, Iane Tabor of Alumni Relations, Patricia Tandog of STRAW, and Maymay Tuvera of COA.