AS THE SAYING goes, “No man is an island.” Whether it’s playing co-op in a game or finding a group in for your project, if you really want to survive the trials that college life will bring you, then you can’t go at it alone.  

So as we go back to meeting face-to-face once again, here are a few handy tips to find your own pride here in the Lion’s Den: 

Make the first move 

Friends don’t really come to you, you’d be lucky if they do. Friendships are formed when someone makes the first move and starts an engaging conversation with them. Thus, it all starts from a person who is willing to make the first move in order to gain a connection with them. This is probably the best way to make a lot of friends. 

Whenever you see someone that you can be friends with instantly, then don’t be afraid. Just walk up to them and greet them politely. Always remember to feel very much open and, at the same time, confident in proving yourself to be a good friend to them. That way, people can feel instantly connected with you to the point of being close already. Who knows? 

Leave a good impression 

But of course, it is not enough to be the “first mover.” Why? Because what would happen if you do make the first move but actually use the wrong words to greet them and introduce yourself? That’s why it is important to take into consideration actually preparing yourself in making not just good but great impressions within the class not necessarily to gain popularity but to let everyone know that you want to be friends with anyone. 

In order to make good impressions, try to practice smiling whenever you meet the same faces along the way. Always choose the right words whenever you engage in conversations with them. And practice putting down your phones as you talk to people because that would prove how attentive you are in listening to their concerns about classes or life in general. While it might sound obvious, a little courtesy can leave a deep impression on someone. 

Take every chance you get 

Ever get some questions from your classmates if you are free to hangout or if you were asked to do a very small favor for them? While, of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying no at times. However, why not try to take the chance and actually hangout with your classmates by saying yes?  

Think about it, whenever people invite you, especially your classmates, it means that they really want to get to know you very well. Because of this, it is a sign of them wanting to be your friends. Hence, it is very important to grab the opportunities that are available to you, but with some reservations, when you and your classmates want to start a friendship. 

Engage in small talk 

Related to making the first move as well as giving good impressions in order to make friends, sometimes there will be moments when you walk up to someone and either you just have a mind block or use the wrong words to start up a conversation. So, try to take the baby steps – always start the conversations by doing small talks. 

Whenever you want to talk to someone about classes and assignments from your courses, remember to start asking them questions such as “how you’ve been” or “can we talk about something.” That way, you can have the conversations moving forward, even if it may go one way or another. 

Find common interests 

Love watching movies and television as well as doing such hobbies like reading books and writing down journals? Because probably from your class, even just one person, might share the same interests as you do. And from there on, there is no doubt that you can instantly click with them and form friendships that easily. 

If you see someone watching your favorite show or something related to your favorites, then walk up to them and strike the conversation from there. If you see someone reading books or is fond of writing, especially in organizations, then don’t be afraid to share your hobbies with them. With all those said, you can see how your interests can easily make you gain friends along the way. 

There you go, Bedans! You are now equipped to mingle with the Bedan Lion Pride (you’re welcome!). But let’s also not forget that at the end of the day, being yourself is still the “rizz” you’ll need when putting these tips to work. Because we want others to like us for us and not for show. Good luck, Bedans!