TUGSTUGSTUGSTUGS!!! Psh. Tik. Tak. Tik. Tak. Booooooom! 

What’s up mga taga- San Bedizzzzz?!! I want to introduce myself to the new br33D 0f Lions ha! Hello madlang bediz, mabuhay! I’m your t4mb0l1st4ng qti3, who collects chika every month for U!  So, ano nga ba ang mga current chikanezz sa CAS?? 

M4y nag fly na chizm4x dat th3r3 4r3 pr0fs d4w who not onli added to cart and kanilang degree, but pr0c33ded 2 check out! Jusmiyo marimar por pabor! Ang say say pa ay from “Royal Institution Singapore” daw itey. Hmmm wh0 are diz profz kaya? Sheeesh m4yb3 fineflex pa diz e not naman origs?! 

Next chika! Kalorky and rec3nt second specializationizsms na electioniszms ha! Damiritechi ang complaints! So sinetch kaya ang mas at fault? The P4rt13z or the 3Lb0w? Well, por syor naman ay na-sight na ng Bediz community ang sagupaan sa soc-med right? Hay sa truth lang mga kapwa ko machichikanezz na bediz, m4y l4ps3s talaga ang election comm natin ngayon…mga marze ang ind3cis1v3 during the election day! Forda confusioniszms ang mga Bediz!  

As for the d1zkwalifikasyon ng ating n3wly elected ezci presi, jusko marzse?!! Forda why namarn ganon?! Finally nag ka presi na ih, another rec0rd breaking history nanaman ba ang dramarama sa hapon kasi madisqualify naman ang kanyang win? So for the final decisioningz let’s all t4lk abowtch dat next month oki?! 

Hay yan muna for now, sa truth lang im kinda nanlalata nothing spicy pa sa CAS chizmaxzan! But don’t worry, chika will always come and gulo will always be present!  

always remember that what you’ve read are definitely facts onleewey! 100% guaranteed no dagdag and no bawas! 

Give me some chikas naman para sulit ang kwento ko next tayms! 

Give drummie some chika, so you, me, and everybody happy!  

Just reach me thru https://thebedan.com/contact-us/drummer-boy/ 

Buugsh! Tugs! Kapish! Toodles! Bye bye for now!

Drummer by the Flagpole is a long held and deeply cherished The Bedan tradition. He is celebrating his 34th anniversary this year.

Who is Drummer Boy?

“Many have asked who he really is. But more than the question of who writes Drummer Boy the question we must ask is why he writes. And what will happen if he stops to write. He writes because we need him to write for us. He writes because some of us are ashamed to question the wrongdoings around us. He writes for freedom. He writes for you. He writes for us. Drummer Boy is each and everyone of us.”

– The Bedan September-October 2007 issue


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