BONJOUR, JE M’APPELLE, Anne! Another election is fast approaching. For the first time in the history of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Student Council (SC), a second special election for the presidency position will commence. Therefore, let’s start with a question, “Is the purpose of this third election merely a way to finalize the missing “piece” of the SC lineup? Or is this a genuine call to seek leadership amidst the plethora of excellent Bedans?” 

Repetition. This is the current situation that has been and is being experienced by the student body, where the same process cycles once more as we seek to know the candidate’s credentials, visions, and platforms. Everyone needs to admit that the students are looking for something, but what are they really seeking from their SC President? This article will be flowing with questions due to observations that transpired during the general elections and the first special elections—wherein ‘abstain’ won for two consecutive times.  

“How can someone measure that they are equipped with good leadership skills?”

Leadership. How can someone measure that they are equipped with good leadership skills? As we connect this to the previous CAS-SC presidential candidates, their lengthy and impressive credentials whether in public service, in their academics, or within other extracurricular affairs, are sufficient to support their aspiring run for the candidacy. In addition to these qualifications, they have also worked hard in appealing to the public eye; in this case, is the student body of San Beda, and for them, it becomes clear that they should have a personal understanding of the plans and policies they wish to implement. Nonetheless, the question still remains, “Why did no one win for the highest position in the student council?” This thinkpiece poses an idea to concentrate on: perhaps, credentials alone are not the sole basis for leading Bedans, nor idealistic goals and objectives. The culture of political parties existing within the university impacts the narrative being written on how the student body chooses a president. Therefore, what’s lacking? Is it on how these candidates campaigned themselves? No. It’s on how the students strongly believe and affirm your passion to serve, the plans you’ve stated, and the credentials you present. * 

Truth. Truth be told that there are a lot of student leaders who are fit to lead the student council because of their experiences and the capacity to serve. If you think about it, elections also happen per department. Why is it that there are no special elections held on the elections of the professional organizations but when it comes to the general elections, we had to undergo not only one special election, but twice for that matter. Who are the leaders that the students are waiting for? Who is the president that they want and need then? Therefore, that’s what these so-called student leaders should put their attention to. With the reason that, the opinion of the people matters because they will be the one who will cast their votes. Or else, it will be just like what happened with the previous elections where ‘abstain’ conquered the elections. Which, if will happen again, then this will reflect on the kind of voters we have in the CAS. If categorized then, either they are woken and bothered, or they are asleep and unbothered. Woke and bothered, meaning they are aware of what’s happening, and they are bothered by the kind of leaders the Bedan community deserves. Asleep and unbothered, meaning they do not care about the elections, and they just cast their votes for compliance.  

Stand. This part is to call the attention of the students of the CAS. Are there really no deserving leaders or are there no responsible voters? Do not blindly select, just because you have the capacity to do so. Carefully elect because you have the power and the right to do so.  

May the results of the upcoming elections reflect the real views and voices of the student body. Also, may the results answer the numerous questions in this column. Bedistas, make your vote count. Au revoir, mon ami! 

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