TO CAP OFF the academic year and to celebrate “life through colors,” The Spires, the official student literary publication of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) released the 63rd volume of its annual folio called “Chroma Sphere” last August 2, through their official Facebook page. 

Entries for the folio were opened from July 11 to 14 through Google Forms. It encourages those who want their works submitted as to how they view different colors through different literary forms of works, posing the question “Who Am I?” to its contributors. 

In an interview with Iela Patag, the former Editor-in-Chief of The Spires, she said that the theme Chroma Spheres means “a world of color.” 

“We experience a lot of things in our lives that affect us emotionally which we sometimes associate with different colors. Chroma Sphere shows us how these different colors manifest in our lives through the different emotions we feel,” explained Patag. 

She also said that since The Spires is an “avenue of expression for the Bedan community,” they decided to encourage not just students but the faculty members as well in understanding their very own emotions through the colors that they view. 

The former Editor-in-Chief also named certain people that were behind the latest volume of The Spires. “This volume would not be possible without the constant help our moderator, Prof. Susan R. Butac, the Editorial Board of The Spires, who worked so hard for this to come into fruition, especially Cloie Yeban, Kent Capay, and the rest of the creatives, our English Editor, Elisha Gacho and our Filipino Editor, Miguel Pontiveros. Of course, the Bedan Community, who trusts us with their whole heart,” Patag listed. 

Sharing a glimpse behind-the-scenes to make the recent folio a reality, she mentioned that there were “a lot of setbacks and challenges.” Most of them were busy with their academics, especially their seniors, but because of the help of their younger kids, they managed to pull through with their folio. 

Different types of content were compiled and shown from their volume. Patag stated that they don’t just showcase literary works, but also different artworks and photographs in which “more or less 50 people participated.” 

“In Chroma Sphere, you will encounter heartfelt literary works based on the colors. We have a variety of literary works from poems, to haikus, to prose, etc. You will also see different artworks and photographs by the Bedan community that are pleasing to the eye,” she explained. 

As for which particular work stood out the most for her, Patag chose the “Spicy Chicken Joy Enjoyer” by R. Elizalder because of its “witty construction and how amusing it was.” She also liked “Yellow” by Panchi as it was “full of love.” When it comes to artworks and photographs, 1979 and EEAAO were her favorites. 

When asked if the folio was a success, Patag exclaimed yes, because they were able to “present it how they envisioned it since the literary works were all in line with the theme.”  

As for what Bedans will expect from The Spires in the future, she is certain that “they will be surprised by what the organization can do and will do in the future.” Concluding that the Bedan Community can count on The Spires if they need an avenue to express and understand their emotions.

Photo courtesy of The Spires


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