ANOTHER YEAR, ANOTHER grueling semester! The first month of a college student’s life brings new social settings and challenges one must get accustomed to. Those returning to the Lions’ Den are no exception. 

The first month of the academic year may vary. Some are excited to reunite with their blockmates, while some are ready to get productive. Well, let’s look into the varied personalities that Bedans embody as another first month of school comes by. 

The Social Butterfly 

The Social Butterflies are those excited to meet new people or hang out with their blockmates. They seize the opportunity to have many conversations they missed out on inside San Beda. 

Additionally, this kind of students also dip their feet into the events planned by the university’s organizations, admin, and student council. These students form a wide social circle and friend group that often lasts throughout their entire duration in the Lion’s den.  

The Homesick 

Many students in the University often come from multiple provinces around our country. It is yet another challenge of adjusting to the student and academic life of the university. Many are back to their student mode – spending their school days in their dormitories while missing out a lot at home.  

The everyday experiences of many Bedans who came from the province range from limited resources for school to a lack of savings and the adjustment to being more independent due to living so far away from family and friends.  

The Overwhelmed 

Now, this part is for the freshies. College life takes a toll on everyone. The workload and new faces bring along with it the feeling of worry. Many Bedans experience the struggle of managing college-level academics and org requirements with their social and personal life.  

After the initial adjustment period, many start to develop new study habits and form support systems that help with this adjustment. The first month of one’s stay at the University may be hectic and challenging, but it’s not all doom and gloom, as these moments help shape the character of the Bedan.  

The Mysterious 

The classroom often finds its fair share of personalities, and the quiet classmate is a staple. What makes this person unique in San Beda is the factors that led to the initial introversion of this person. This kind of person can be a mix of the aforementioned types of students.  

The quiet classmate is often seen as the mysterious figure of the block. This person doesn’t share much about themselves and gives off a silent-type vibe (intentionally or unintentionally). These types of people often branch out into two different categories. Some stay as the mysterious type, while others slowly warm up to being more sociable. 

The “Acads Muna” 

Pass muna may reqs ako” is the motto the Acads Muna student embodies. This type of student puts academic requirements before any other aspect of university life. These people chase the grind of academic awards such as the Dean’s List and Latin Honors. Often buried in readings and lack of sleep because of all-nighters, The Acads Muna students often go the extra mile to chase their academic aspirations.  

These students only partially stay away from the social aspect, although, once they finish their academic responsibilities, they make time for friends and hobbies. That is why friends of this type of student make the most of their free time with each other.   

The OPSD’s Favorite  

Are you ready to be questioned by the security guards? New students who enter the Lion’s den also face the challenge of adjusting the policies of the University – specifically, the rules and regulations in terms of the school uniform. The infamous uniform and the policies around it take a while for most students to get used to and fully embrace. 

These students often test the boundaries of the uniform policy, trying to get away with certain loopholes that challenge this policy. The students who frequently do this find their efforts rewarded with a pink slip and a trip to the OPSD’s office.  

After the initial rebellious phase of these students, many come to accept the school uniform and the policies around it. These moments are a part of how Bedans learn to embrace what makes our Bedan identity.   

San Beda is home to many different types of students with unique personalities and experiences. The six mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the diversity of our university. By better understanding these common personalities, you can form your character and develop meaningful relationships that last throughout your college life and beyond. The first month may involve a lot of growing pains and adjustments, but by giving time and patience, you can genuinely form your own Bedan identity. 

(with Mika Isidro) 


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