THE SAN BEDA Junior Marketing Association (SBJMA) released the second volume of their “Marketing E-Link” publication last August 11 through their official Facebook page that seeks to promote innovation and action to the Marketing department. 

Hailed as the “renowned and award-winning Digital Publication Material” of the College of Arts and Science (CAS) at the recently concluded Parangal at Pasasalamat 2023, SBJMA says that it decided to “step it up.” 

“This year’s E-LINK highlights the newest addition to the Department of Maketing Management’s roster of faculty, the notable and inspiring corporate and agency life of Mr. Mark Parlade from Stratworks, the journey of the youngest president of the Philippine Marketing Association, Mr. Sy Bryan Lato,” said SBJMA Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mark Cruz. 

The last volume was released back on November 26, 2022, wherein it focused more on the success that their department was able to do despite the pandemic and the struggles with online setup for those two years. 

Speaking about the vision behind the title “NEXT” on the cover page, Cruz says that they “wanted to still RISE and venture out ONTO THE NEXT miles the department and the organization will go through.” 

Since Volume One of the magazine did not have any specific timeline for its release, it was carried over to be released during COR Week 2022. 

As they continue for Volume Two, they created a social media calendar to continue releasing and distributing future versions and editions of the E-link with its own release date to emphasize and highlight every dynamic content. 

“This year is solely grounded on SBJMA RISE’s journey and how it became a flexible year for all of us,” said Cruz. 

“Challenged by the half online, half physical setup, SBJMA RISE became the stepping stone of the whole department towards achieving greatness even amidst the recurring changes in the environment,” he added. 

It highlights the resilience of the marketing management students and the strengthened relations that served as the foundation in achieving milestones. 

Aside from proofreading, quality checking, and printing magazines, having only two board of directors, headed by the Chairman of the Board and the Editor-in-chief in Arianne Murillio, was a challenge for them. 

As they enter new chapter for this academic year, SBJMA is looking forward to having more engagement not just with the marketing department but the entire Bedan community, embracing their mission of being “engaged.”  

Moving forward, Cruz says that SBJMA is “now ready to Engage in Authentic Leadership, Engage in Commitment and Service, and Engage in Marketing Excellence. We are SBJMA Engage!” 


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