STAFF OF THE Dom Felife Café, along with its managers and its supervisor, have come forward to debunk a long pestering issue being thrown at them anonymously through the SBU Freedom Wall Facebook page about the health and sanitation of the University’s only remaining canteen in operation.  

A number of posts in the SBU Freedom Wall alleged that “rats” were seen appearing at the cafeteria last April. The issue continued to spread amongst students, which later on reached the attention the canteen staff. 

Due to this, many students were weary to go to the canteen since then which has caused the canteen’s sales to plummet. 

In defense of the rat rumors surrounding the canteen, Ms. Jonlyn Cabillo, canteen staff manager, stated that they conducted a pest control even before the ‘rat issue’ broke out on Facebook. The aforementioned process commenced during the Holy Week and they requested for a repetition when the news reached them.  

Noong mahal na araw… declogging, pest control, repainting lahat pinagawa po namin yun. Inuli po…Inulit pa po namin ulit. Kumbaga nag-follow up na uli kami sa nag pest control. Inulit po siya,” Ms. Lea Osma, the overall supervisor, elaborated. 

Aside from this statement, both Ms. Cabillo and Ms. Osma want to assure the students that they are following strict precautionary measures including quarterly pest control services that they can back up with certificates and given dates as proof that they are following guidelines to keep the canteen safe for the students in San Beda. They also expressed concern about how rumors maliciously spread in the SBU Freedom Wall Facebook page. 

Furthermore, no students have filed an official complaint against the personnel in the Dom Felipe cafeteria, may it be in written form or spoken directly to the personnels even after the Freedom Wall incident.  

Ms. Osma also asserted that each staff sends screenshots of their assigned work stations every after their shift. 

This is to ensure the cleanliness of the premises and they even added that the food offered in the Dom Felipe is guaranteed safe and thoroughly prepared, as they too dine there for their meals.  

They also mentioned that whilst 60% of the Bedan community eats at Dom Felipe, it automatically went down to 30% and sometimes even lower. Only the student-athletes serve as the constant patrons of the canteen since the issue broke out last April.  

Ang mabibigay ko lang na assurance is wag kayong maano na kumain kasi malinis naman siya. Maayos naman yung pag prep ng pagkain ganon. Sa ngayon, wala naman din na akong naririnig. Tsaka talagang inaano ko sila na everyday kailangan bago umuwi maglinis, malinis. Chinecheck ko siya bago ako umuwi pati yung mga area nila,” Ms. Cabillo expressed when asked about the kind of reassurance that they could provide the Bedan students about the issue at hand. 

(with Shelly Bocabel)

Photo from SBU Facebook page