by Phoebus Villanueva and Carl Angelo Casilag 

WITH GROWING CONCERN over the lack of food options and inadequate hygiene practices of the Dom Felipe Cafe, the College of Arts and Science – Student Council (CAS-SC) conducted surveys from June 9 to 13, concerning its lack of food options and inadequate hygiene practices of the canteen. 

The survey, as well as the analysis of the data gathered by the Council through the use of Microsoft Forms, was open to all Bedans as well as professors, admins, and staff. That was analyzed through the aid of its executive committees such as the Research, Education, and Internal Communications in collaboration with other executive committees that had prepared the different aspects of the survey and analyzed the data gathered from the study. 

It was also reported that there was a total of 190 or 93% of the respondents from CAS, 8 or 4% from the Integrated Basic Education (IBED), 3 or 1% from the College of Medicine (COM), 2 or 1% are from the College of Law (COL), and 1 or 1% is from the College of Nursing (CON) with a total of 205 respondents which equates to a total of 100%. 

The majority of the results or 77% of the responses are leaning more toward Canteen Rehabilitation as the remedy for the lack of food options and inadequate hygiene practices of San Beda Dom Felipe Cafe, located at St. Bede’s Building with most of the responses from the students wanting to improve the canteen by revamping its areas or open-spaces, as well as in improving its facilities, sanitation, kitchen equipment, usage of storage, and overall visitors experience. 

According to Rean Dela Cruz, CAS-SC incumbent auditor, the survey was primarily due to the transition to face-to-face classes which has revealed current developments inside the campus and issues and concerns regarding the canteen. She added that “the CAS Student Council envisions a safe and secure campus that does not pose health risks to the people comprising it, which led to a resolution called San Beda, Glow-Up.” 

Additionally, Dela Cruz also said that with the gathered data some of the next steps of the Council would be the creation of a concrete plan that is planned to be furnished by June 29, 2023.  

She also stated that the council would write a formal report addressed to the Dean of the CAS, Dr. Christian Bryan Bustamante and noted by the Prefect of Student Activities, Dr. Marvin Reyes with the formal report would include the project’s background, purpose, aim, data findings, and the proposed action plan, which states when the renovations will occur and when it should be finished, with whom to coordinate internally and externally, and the estimated costs for each action item.


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