THE OFFICE OF the Prefect of Student Affairs (OPSA) has sought to equip Student Organization Circle (SOC) officers for streamlined paper processing and budget management through a general assembly held at the Pamanang Bedista, March 22. 

The OPSA, headed by Dr. Marvin Reyes Ph.D., shed light on the necessary documents and emphasized adherence to the two-week rule for efficient paper processing and budget management.  

“Because it’s already the set-up. As you can see, we’re hybrid and activities were also approved face-to-face. So dapat, yung processing ganon din, ‘diba?” explained by Dr. Reyes. 

Transitioning from fully online to face-to-face paper processing posed a concern for the students. The convenience of online processing, which eliminated delays and misplaced papers, was acknowledged. 

As per Dr. Reyes, this assembly was only a refresher to the students on how the paper trail goes when face-to-face. However, the return to physical processing raised apprehensions about potential challenges. Nonetheless, the assembly served as an opportunity for student leaders to express their concerns and seek clarification, contributing to their preparedness for the transition.  

Furthermore, CAS student officers gained valuable insights into the streamlined approval process, ensuring their ability to fulfill their roles effectively. Shie Ann Gabriel, the President of the Social Sciences and Humanities Association (SSHA), highlighted her key takeaways from the aforementioned assembly.  

“It is a timely re-orientation that nobody knew was needed, but it has provided each officer from various student organizations with instructions and guidelines that will streamline the document approval process and enhance efficiency along the way,” said Gabriel. 

Paolo Ilagan, the Treasurer of the Bedan Musician’s Guild (BMG), emphasized that during the pandemic, online processing was more convenient. However, there were challenges with overlooked emails. With the transition back to face-to-face processing, there is concern about reverting to previous struggles such as misplaced papers in the Student Council (SC) room. 

Although the objectives of the assembly were believed to have been achieved, some misunderstandings and miscommunications still existed among different organizations and offices.  

Dr. Reyes extended his message to the SOC, acknowledging the imperfections in any office and administrator. Nonetheless, he assured the student leaders of the CAS’ commitment in assisting organizations in their activity planning, processing, and evaluation. 

“Well, wala namang perfect na offices. Wala rin perfect na administrator pero may mga pagkukulang din ang bawat opisina pero we’re trying our very best to help the organizations to come up with their…activities especially in terms of processing and at the same time of evaluating their papers,” Dr. Reyes expressed. 

(With Francesca Zia Robles)

Photo courtesy of San Beda Red Lens