TAKING THE ISSUE by its horns, the Social Sciences Humanities Association (SSHA), together with San Beda Economics Society (SBES), held the “Sibuyas Phenomenon” webinar which discussed the alarming issue circulating around onions last March 8 via Zoom and Facebook live. 

Vince Glorioso, one of the acting chairs of the event, shared how the Sibuyas  Phenomenon matched the organization’s ideals of tackling contemporary societal issues and “providing the audience something that will inculcate in them the social awareness that this country would need.”  

SSHA, together with SBES, invited Professors Edilberto B. Viray Jr. and Neil Angelo C. Halcon, both from the Faculty of Economics and Public Policy of San Beda University (SBU), to lead the virtual floor for discussion confronting the ‘Sibuyas’ issue. 

Professor Viray focused on the essentiality of onions as an agricultural product along with the economics behind the increasing prices; whereas Professor Halcon, with his article entitled ‘The whys and wherefores of inflation’, discussed the correlation between inflation with the heightening prices of ‘Sibuyas’.  

Glorioso commented how “the event, as common as others, is not perfect”; yet even with the unexpected improper remarks of one of the event’s hosts, the webinar nonetheless remained a success in the long run due to the comprehensive discussions being done, not to mention the overwhelming number of people that have joined which, to Glorioso, was unexpected.  

John Michael Catangay, acting chair behind the webinar, shared his gratitude on how SBES, Junior Bedan Law Circle (JBLC), The Repvblic (TR), Bedan Volunteers (BV), Bedan Advocacy and Consciousness Enhancement Society (BACES), and San Beda Debate Society (SBDS) helped in making the overall event a successful one.  

But even behind the success of the event, Glorioso shared his worries of how the same phenomenon might return in the future to doom those who haven’t learned from its histories. Yet taking into account how successful the webinar truly was, Glorioso hoped that the Sibuyas Phenomenon might help identify appropriate measures in resolving the problem.  

Glorioso also shared how the success of the webinar might hopefully serve as a foundation in the future to find a leader with strategies to solve the issue – “someone who may be able to contribute to the long-term goals of the country, not seek for band-aid solutions and turn them as if they are for the long run; someone that is, as San Beda University envisions its students to be, globally competitive”.  

With regards to future events, Catangay said to definitely be in the lookout for “more informative, substantive and productive activities from SSHA”, in an effort of promoting the essence of each social science discipline, raising awareness regarding the various issues happening within society and instilling a Bedan community that are socially aware.  

Catangay closed by encouraging the Bedan community to show support to the events of the organizations, reminding Bedans to be socially aware “for this would eventually mold us not only to be good students inside the university but also to be good citizens of this country”.  

(with Gian Marcel Chiu)

Photo courtesy of SSHA