EXERTION OF EFFORT and assertion of dominance—these are what our Bedan Athletes exhibited in the recently concluded National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) Season 98. Various sporting teams competed in bringing back San Beda’s glory in Mendiola once again.  

San Beda University, called as the Red School from Mendiola, has once again showcased their remarkable athletic performance in the recently concluded NCAA Season 98. Displaying the teams’ undaunted spirit of skills and teamwork, the Lions have firmly established themselves as the team that should be watched out in the arena, leaving an impression on its fans and rivals.  

“Based on the performance of these Lions, individualism is obscure…”

Even though they may not be consistent in dominating the courts of the league, they still displayed a level of play that sets them apart from their competitors, especially on the events of basketball, men’s volleyball, swimming, and taekwondo. This consistency is a testament to the talented athletes that the Lion’s den produce.  

As per Coach Kurt De Guzman, Assistant Athletic Director, San Beda has developed a winning culture, emphasizing discipline, and hard work. Coach Kurt even mentioned that the players don’t just compete for the sake of participation but do play for the name of San Beda. “So makita mo, yung competition pa rin, dinadala pa rin ang mga Bedistang atleta, ang pangalan ng San Beda kahit saang larangan,” Coach Kurt explained. 

The exceptional talent towards these athletes is also evident as teams, specifically in the men’s volleyball, historically competed in the finals even though most of its players are rookies. It is the name of rookie Spikers, Kenrod Umali and Ralph Cabalsa who stood up for the team’s success. Moreover, the spikers had a strong lineup with a few veterans such as their team captain, Jerome Lopez, who evidently led the team as they struggled and conquered the step ladder semifinal matches of the volley tourney. 

Another honorable mention is the dominance of the Red Sea Lions in the men’s and women’s category of the NCAA’s swimming event. The dynasty continued as they showed their prowess in the pools of the league wherein, they took home a 19 and 9-peat championship victory in the men’s and women’s division respectively. This was made possible by Fritz Rodriguez and Amber Cawaling who outscored most of the swimming events in the league.  

However, Bedan athletes fell short on vying for the general championship this season. Nonetheless, Coach Kurt assured the community that they are eying to claim the general championship with the help of the enhanced BeRed Program, “It is a pressure for coaches, but kung may program na susuporta sa plan ng coaches, mas madaling ma-achieve lahat,” he stated.  

Based on the performance of these Lions, individualism is obscure as they bought home multiple trophies and medals back in the Lion’s Den. This was driven by strong support from the Bedan community specifically from the SBU Band who provides electrifying atmosphere that drives the crowd’s cheers and school spirit.  

As the community anticipates for the upcoming NCAA Season 99, the previous season serves as a reminder that achieving greatness requires more than just individual talent. It is the combination of skill, teamwork, determination, and support that propels a team to conquer and dominate the collegiate league. 


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