THE FOURTH YEAR AB Literature students from the Department of Languages and Literature (DLL) conducted a digital book launch entitled, “Persona: Pages and Passions and Emotion,” at the St. Anselm Building last June 21. 

Under their Literature and Media class with Asst. Prof. Sybil Agreda, the students of 4ALT namely, Jomarie Vicente, Allysa Tenefrancia, Ira Gomez, Kyle Gorayeb, and Yasser Dagalangit showcased their literary creations by having an official launch as their culminating  activity for the said subject. 

The books launched are as follows, Commute Chronicles: Mga Salaysay ng Nakikisakay, Don’t Look Back: Stories to Tell in the Dark, The Tiny Book of Nanay Naty’s Stolen Recipes, Seasons of Life, and Funny Mechanics.  

According to Allysa Tenefrancia, one of the main organizers of the event, this book launch concludes their journey as an AB Literature student.  

“…yung parang book, end siya ng ano namin ng literary adventure namin as AB Lit students, kaya nagpa-book launch,” Tenefrancia expressed. 

Further, Tenefrancia elaborated that the main purpose of “Persona:  Pages and Passions and Emotion” is to showcase how much their skills as a writer have grown. 

In terms of the preparation for the digital book launch, Tenefrancia mentioned their professor, Prof. Agreda, who helped in making their literary pieces come to life in the digital setting. Additionally, Tenefrancia also mentioned Ira Gomez as one of the pillars who made the event a success as she was the “the brain and hands” behind all of the necessary creative elements of the event, such as the invitations and the cover of their book.   

When asked about the success of the event, Prof. Agreda said that she is very proud with her class and the said launch was a celebration of the creativity, talents, and gifts that the 4ALT possess. Additionally, she hopes that this event will be passed on to the succeeding students of the Literature course. 

“…it’s heartwarming to see that the writers have the feel of how it is to launch their creative work. So hopefully hindi lang siya manatili na once lang siya mangyari, hopefully in the succeeding years may mga malalaunch pa kaming writers and books and creative works,” Prof. Agreda added. 

Jomarie Vicente, a graduating Literature student left a message to the undergrads of the department and a parting message to the Bedan community as a Literature student. “For the lower years under the batch…under the Department of Languages and Literature, I can…I always want them to realize how language and literature is important to our society; and from this, to love their programs as well as their capabilities to extract the best out of them to contribute to the society in the discipline of the liberal arts. And to the Bedan community, I would always say that different programs under the College of Arts and Sciences has its own highlights or emphasis in terms of celebrating or presenting one’s skills and talents. So don’t cage yourself in a limited box, rather than explore some things that you will be comfortable with the other things.” 

(with Gian Marcel Chiu and Ayane Alibarbar)

Photo by Ayane Alibarbar