THE COLLEGE OF Arts and Sciences (CAS) Prefect of Student Activities (OPSA), Prof. Marvin Reyes, Ph.D., has received recognition from two different bodies for his “outstanding” academic work in the field of research and in the Filipino language. 

Dr. Reyes was one of those who were conferred the “Liwanag ng Bayan ang Tanglaw ng Mamamayan Award for Education” during the 270th founding anniversary of the municipality of Obando, Bulacan last May 14, 2023 at Obando Central School and he was also appointed as a probationary board member of Propesyonal na Asosasyon ng mga Tagapagtaguyod ng Salin (PATAS). 

In an interview, Dr. Reyes says that he was “filled with gratitude” for the award that he received from own home province.  

“It’s an  honor because there are so many academicians and researchers in the town. And napili nila ako after five years? Something like that, ‘no? Kasi even before pre-pandemic ay meron na rin silang awarding ceremony na ginagawa. So, I think I’m honored and flattered because hindi naman ako ganun ka-involved sa town kasi nga busy dito sa San Beda and busy sa ginagawa ko dito sa Manila. Pero nabigyan ako ng pagkakataon,” he shared in an interview. 

Dr. Reyes also narrated how he got the award, saying that two municipal counselors apparently “knew” about his profession and his work so they asked for his resume.  

The prefect also bared the criteria of the aforementioned award, that (1) prospective awardees need to be a resident of Obando or of the Philippines, and (2) they are someone who promotes the municipality in their work.  

The Obando local government unit (LGU) also gave recognition to other different individuals who were doing well in different other fields, such as in business, science, and the best taxpayers of the town. These awardees had to be a contributor to their field and a representative of Obando that would push the town as a place. 

It was Dr. Reyes’ research presented at the San Beda University (SBU) Research Summit last year on the famous “Obando fertility dance” that was the “driving edge” that allowed him to fall under the criteria of being given the award of education. 

“This is in line with the Research Summit of San Beda and the research is about Obando fertility dance. The fertility dance is known at Obando and I made a research about it. What are the steps of the fertility dance? What are its implications? What is the meaning of it? It can be found at the Bedan research journal. It was last year,” Dr. Reyes shared. 

Morever, the other milestone that Dr. Reyes was able to achieve for the first half of the year was to be part of the PATAS board, despite having been a member of the organization for only after two years. PATAS is “a national professional organization of academicians and translators” in the Philippines. 

In addition, Dr. Reyes explained the nature of PATAS, which is to “conduct and facilitate seminars and research revolving around translations” in the pursuit of the use of the Filipino language in the academe and other fields.  

However, one must be a regular member for two years to become a lifetime board member of the organization and Dr. Reyes has already reached that two-year mark and is now therefore a member of the board. 

With the achievements made by Dr. Reyes in the academe, as a professor in line with the Arts degree, he has some words of encouragement to the students who pursued this path and plans to choose this path for their tertiary education. 

“I just hope that they will they will also position themselves to be part of the arts and humanities and research. Gawa na ng gawa, sulat na ng sulat, ma-inspire lang. At ang isusulat mo dapat ang gusto mo. Wag kang magsusulat ng hindi mo gusto kasi pag hindi mo gusto, pinili-pinilit ka lang, kahit nakagawa ka, walang effect yon. So dapat yung sinusulat mo yung gusto mo, alam mo, familiar ka,” Dr. Reyes elaborated. 

He reiterated his gratitude to all those who had given him the opportunity to receive the awards. 

“I’m so grateful because I think the composition will be the entire Sangguniang Bayan headed by the Mayor himself. And, of course, the councilors. So, I’m very grateful and hopefully next year, marami pang mga academicians ang mabigyan ng recognitions who are serving the academe, not necessarily in Obando, but in the Philippines.” 

(with Veronica Balbin)

Photo by Paolo Ornos