IN CELEBRATION OF their 25th anniversary, the San Beda College Alumni Foundation (SBCAF), officially launched their new website last May 30 at the Pamanang Bedista.  

Through the website, the San Beda University Alumni Association (SBUAA), along with the SBCAF and its executive board of trustees, plans to “provide the Benedictine education to a wider and broader scope of students that are deserving of scholarships” and to “gather funding for the sole purpose of spreading the academic integrity for the betterment of the University and its alumni generosity to Bedan students.” 

According to Prof. Greg Borja III, co-Executive Director of the SBCAF, one of the main functions of the website is not just to update the Bedan community and its alumni, may it be internationally or locally concerning the whereabouts of the SBCAF, but also to put up funding for scholars of the Bedan education since the foundation itself aims to expand the number of beneficiaries to 100 students.  

Furthermore, Prof. Borja revealed that they have encountered challenges before the finalization of the website. “The process of the website [took] roughly around a year. When I joined the SBCAF sometime around February or March, last year. The moment I sat with the board, it became my first directive, to come up with a website,” he stated. 

Iane Tabor, the student activity chair, shared how the scholars themselves got involved in the process of putting up this event, likewise with the support and guidance of Prof. Borja. 

“Most of us [scholars], a month before, nag-start ‘yung preparations nagpa-meeting na si Sir Greg and Dr. Joffre Alajar,” said Tabor, while citing that certain committees were formed for the event. 

The committee was led by the following individuals: Brian Armas, Iane Tabor, Rutanya Bonayon, Shaira Pingol, Lourenella De Leon, Iela Patag, Dave Angeles, Vida Ronquillo, Patricia Rivera, and Crizelle Uy.  Each of them served as a committee head, and led the thorough planning and preparation, from the brochure, and creative outputs, down to the program itself.  

Along with the website launch, the ceremony also recognized various important alumni guests and speakers, such as Rev. Fr. Anselm Manalastas O.S.B., SBCAF Vice President Mr. Tomas P. Africa, SBCAF Treasurer Mr. Edgardo B. Favila, Rev. Fr. Placid Acta, O.S.B., Atty. Calvin Fernandez, and Mr. Raymond Victorino, with the current scholars as recipients of the alumni foundation scholarship. 

Tabor expressed his gratitude to the SBCAF saying that “ito ‘yung first-ever in the history of the SBCAF and Alumni Office na tinap yung scholars. Kasi madalas more on acads, acads, acads, ganyan. Pero, I believe it was Sir Greg and Dr. Joffre Alajar na nanakita na may husay ang mga bata,” he shared. 

For his part, Prof. Borja invited everyone to join the upcoming events of the SBCAF, saying that “there are a lot [that] the board has laid out. Some are being conceptualized but a lot of expansions will happen. Most definitely… for the scholars, there is going to be a stream dedicated for sports, that’s for the athletes. Kasi purely academic based lang yung dati, pinapadami na nga nila yung scholars, and ‘yung researches natin has already expanded to three yung professorial chair, research commission grant, and yung basic research grant.” 

(With Shelly Bocabel) 

Photo by Shelly Bocabel


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