EXAMINEES FROM THE San Beda University (SBU) Accountancy program registered a 41.30% overall passing rate in the May 2023 Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination (CPALE), with a rate of 28.57% for first time takers and 52% for non-first-time takers. 

The CPA exams, renowned for their comprehensive and rigorous nature, are widely recognized as one of the most challenging professional examinations. This year witnessed an unprecedented surge in the number of candidates willing to undertake the CPA exams, reflecting the growing demand for skilled and certified accountants in various sectors.  

There are a total of six sections under the aforementioned exam namely: Theory of Accounts, Auditing, Management Advisory Services, Taxation, Regulatory Framework for Business Transactions, and Financial Accounting and Reporting.  

A total of 7,376 candidates took the CPA exams across the country in which only 2,237 were able to pass.  

As for the Bedan Accountancy graduates who were qualified to take the test, there were 46 in total but only 19 from these students were fortunate to get the passing mark.  

According to Prof. Jayson Chio, a professor from the Accountancy and Taxation department and head of the Accountancy Board Operations (AKTIBO), they did face some challenges in the preparations for the exam, but these were overcome by the department in the end. 

“…I think yung shift natin to online because the online modality is a something new to us initially, but we need to adapt – that’s one of the challenge for both students and professors, most especially sa students…and sa mga professors na hindi naman masyadong techy,” he expressed. 

Furthermore, Prof. Chio also elaborated that one of the things they had to adjust upon the preparation for the exams is when they had to adapt to the changes about certain laws and accounting standards which are being updated regularly, which became a difficult obstacle to both students and faculty.  

“…we, as professors, are obliged to always update kung ano yung alam namin at ituturo namin because our course is a course which is very dynamic, [we are always,] there are always certain laws, certain accounting standards, auditing standards that are annually or regularly updated so we need to be abreast with the recent changes para at least alam din nga mga studyante na ‘okay big deal ang mga new updates’ and yan yung mga challenge namin.” Prof. Chio stressed. 

The head of AKTIBO also mentioned that the students from the program are expected to be better due to the retention program that the university conducts and separates the students in terms of the preparation of students for their success.    

There were three points that Prof. Chio expounded on regarding what the department could improve in terms of the preparation and development of the students.  

He mentioned that they “always assess the curriculum that we give, and take into account the industry partners, stick to the concept and not only the book, and the importance of the Board Operations that provides seminars and webinars that is utilized as an advantage for the entire department.”  

“…if you’re concept is really good, really strong, your foundation is strong, and you can apply what you learn” Prof. Chio continued. 

He also emphasized that the soft skills that they were trying to develop prepares students not only for those who are in the accountancy department hence, to all Bedans and that “…when you graduate and step out the walls of Mendiola, talagang prepared ka na not only for the board exams but also you’re prepared for the corporate world.” 

When asked about the message that he would like to give to the students who will take the exams later on in the year, Prof. Chio let out these warm words: “…in San Beda you’ll be taken care of – when I say you’ll be taken care of we make sure, although the course or the curriculum might be challenging, but we make sure that the battery of tests that you’ll be taking is designed to prepare you not only for the board exams but also for careers after graduation and the board exams…” 

While in her message to the Department, the Vice Dean for the Accountancy and Business Cluster, Dr. Jackqui Moreno, CPA, thanked all the faculty and students who have “prayed for the success of their ates and kuyas,” while asking the department to “keep on praying for those who are still aspiring to become CPAs.”  

(With Mauri Fernandez)

Photo courtesy of JPIA


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