THEY SAY EXPERIENCE is the best teacher, so who could be in a better position to ask about what to expect on our journey inside the Lion’s Den than those who have lived it already?  

Our seniors have spent their past four years trying to make sense of what it really means to be a true-blooded Bedan. So let’s see what wisdom our seniors can impart to us in helping us navigate life inside the walls of San Beda: 

Gabriela Patag, Former Editor-in-Chief of The Spires 

“If opportunity knocks on your door, always answer it. You’ll be surprised by what you can do, and what’s in store for you. Take pride in it, and enjoy it!”   

Bea San Juan, Former President of Bedan Volunteers 

“My advice for the freshies would [be to] never be afraid to take a leap of faith because something great will always be out there, just waiting to be discovered, and every voice matters, even if it is different from others.” 

Mikalela Armado, Former Vice-President for External Affairs of San Beda Elite Circle of Ushers and Usherettes (SBECU)

“Welcome Batch 2027! First of all, as someone who stayed with San Beda from Shs to college, I am very proud to be the person to give you a bit of advice after spending 6 years with San Beda.  

First, be friendly! Hindi magiging kumpleto ang college life mo kung wala kang friends. Always be nice and choose someone who will stay with you until the very end! Mag join rin kayo ng organizations nyo to balance academics and improve your hobbies. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!  

Second, listen to your professors and take notes. You will thank yourself during exams and for future references if you have notes. Trust me. Makinig sa professors dahil di lahat ng sinasabi nila nasa ppt or nasa book.  

Lastly, enjoy and cherish every moment. Your college life will be a roller coaster ride but it is true that you will be missing every moment from stepping onto the campus as a freshie and when you can finally say ‘gagraduate na ako’ San Beda will help you in many ways. I wish you all the best and kudos freshies!” 

Shaun Marquez, Former Vice-President for External Affairs of Bedan Volunteers 

“To answer the question thus given: enjoy their study, as idiosyncratic as that statement may be. A student in their collegiate journey must be able to excel in what they do, but also be able to enjoy their actions and activities as well. It can and will benefit you. Seek inspirations that can fuel the fire of actualization innate to all human beings. Be mindful of ideas that go beyond the bounds of common ideology while also representing innovative creativity and rationality. This can go as far as to indulge in pre-supposed notions of what not to do and make them a viable option of use not just for an individual, but an entire collective as well. Always remember to be wary of the ‘easy path.’ For true knowledge grows only throughout hardships.” 

Shie Ann Gabriel, Former President of Social Sciences and Humanities Association 

“First agenda: do not be shy to your seniors or upper batch. I-approach niyo lang sila, wag kayo mag alala dahil nasa culture na natin yan bilang Bedista para tumulong sa kapwa Bedista. Hindi ka papabayaan ng mga yan lalo sa academic journey niyo. Believe me, they will open a lot of doors for you, especially in terms of student-leadership. Hence, exploring and joining various organizations will also maximize and unleash your potential as a whole.  

Above all things, health is wealth. Your hardwork will be useless if compromised yung health mo so maganda na pakiramdaman mo sarili mo pagod ka na o kaya pa.” 

Arden Rebuyaco, Former Editor-in-Chief of ECHOES 

“Have fun! Your college experience should not be limited to academics. Explore your other interests by joining organizations. This will keep your four years at San Beda exciting and interesting!” 

Denise Ginete, Former President of The Repvblic 

“First of all, congratulations on your successful admission to college! Having the opportunity to pursue higher education at a prestigious institution like San Beda University is a blessing and a privilege. While there is no manual for having a meaningful college experience, I will share some of the tips that were helpful to me and may be of assistance to you as you traverse your own journey. 

Find a good support system [carefully]. Your circle will have a strong influence on how you deal with almost all of the college stuff.  It is important to be surrounded by people who are good for you—those who will support you, inspire you, and help you grow.  

Take your studies seriously, but do not allow them to imprison you. Give yourself permission to fail and make mistakes. Grieve for them, but do not allow them to dictate what lies ahead for you. As freshmen, we all aspired to graduate with flying colors, let alone with Latin Honors; however, college is full of uncertainty and things we cannot control. It is acceptable to grieve if you are confronted with a grade that disqualifies you from such awards. I cried the entire night when I received a grade of 3 in my first year! That in itself is a thief, but do not let it rob you of the opportunity to become the best possible version of yourself. Strive for the best, nonetheless! 

Find an organization that brings you joy, and fulfillment, and prepares you for your future. Many organizations at San Beda College of Arts and Sciences provide multiple opportunities to serve inside and outside of the Bedan community while simultaneously promoting one’s personal growth and maturity. Take advantage of these opportunities, as they will provide you with a wealth of new experiences and the chance to meet new people who could guide and/or help you with your career. 

Finally, have fun, but do it in the right way. Keep in mind that you are solely responsible for your own actions; hence, while exploring and enjoying life for what it is, be certain that you do so safely and responsibly. 

There is still much for you to discover and learn! Good luck and have a meaningful and rewarding journey, future Bedans!” 

Shelumiel Emuslan, Former President of Bedan Scholars Guild 

“First, choose your circle/friends wisely. As an incoming freshman, it is important that you surround yourself with people who will inspire you to grow, and share your values.  

Secondly, do not procrastinate even though it is hard to balance it all. Being a Bedan, especially a future law student, our time is always a valuable resource. It is essential to manage it effectively. Avoid cramming! Because it lowers the quality of work and leads to stress. Always stay organized and plan ahead. Planners and calendars are essential.  

Third, BE SMART. Learn to manage your time. Prioritize your tasks, and create a well-balanced schedule. If you are tired or overwhelmed, you must rest.  

Fourth, Embrace new experiences. Join organizations outside or inside San Beda. Participate in campus, organization, or departmental activities. STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!  

Fifth, Seek help from your seniors. Do not be afraid to ask questions.  

Sixth, Always embrace failure. It is okay to fail, it is okay to quit. It is a natural part of growth. We will always have our own timeline. Just be like water and own the rhythm.  

Lastly, always remember to find your purpose. To learn beyond the classroom. To embrace challenges, changes, failure and celebrate victories.” 

Jestony Lumabi, President of Bedan Pastoral Ministry 

“My advice to the freshies is to strive for themselves in academics and in extra curricular activities but also to not forget to ask and thank the Lord for the blessings they will receive in the future and to the challenges that they will fight and survive at the end of the day. Pray, hope, and do not worry!” 

Julia San Jose, Vice President for Internal Affairs of the Student Council 

“Join as many organizations as you can! Make the most out of your college life, and have a life outside your studies!  

As for the academic-related tips: TAKE NOTES!!! Mas madaling magreview for the exams kasi alam mo na yung talking points ng professor!” 

Mikaela Dimapilis, Fourth Year Representative of the Student Council 

“College can be chaotic and messy but it can also be fun and crazy. It’s not always about rainbows and butterflies but it can also be tears and heartaches. This only mean one thing, di tayo palaging nasa itaas at hindi naman tayo palaging mananatiling asa baba.  

Ecclesiastes 3:1, or read the whole chapter 3. Every time you feel lost, pressured, or challenged with everything you may experience as you go along with your college life, read it. Freshies, malayo pa, pero malayo na. Never lose faith, always thrive, be bold, and be patient.” 


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