APART FROM THE culture and the values that makes us Bedans, the things that we say also make us unique as we encounter them in our day to day lives in campus.  

Aside from having your thesaurus or Merriam-Webster Dictionary with you all the time, freshies should know that Bedans also have their own set of terminologies and phrases that they use on a day to day basis. To start your academic year in a ‘knowledgeable’ fashion, here are some terms and phrases you should know when entering the campus: 

“Animo, San Beda!”: This roughly translates to “Courage, San Beda!” or “Have Courage, San Beda.” We use this phrase to express school pride everywhere we go. 

“Go, San Beda, Fight!”: This is a phrase that the Bedan community shouts at every sporting event or culminating activity. 

“May invite ka na sa Canvas?”: A common question the Bedan community usually asks during the start of the academic year. The Red Canvas is the academic online platform the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) utilizes as part of its hybrid set-up. An invitation means that the student is enrolled in a class or subject. 

“May pre-reg ka na?”: Another question a Bedan typically asks during enrollment season. The pre-registration form includes the breakdown of fees and subjects that you will be taking for the semester.  

“Tara sa 1st/4th street!” – A food spot located behind San Beda where Bedans enjoy various foods offered. This place serves as a ‘savior’ for some Bedans, especially when there is no place to eat these streets will satisfy your cravings. 

Abbot – The male head of an abbey of monks. 

D’ Cuppa – A mini cafe located at the ground floor of the St. Anselm’s Hall. This cafe offers a diverse menu to satisfy every Bedan coffee enthusiast’s wants and needs! 

Dom – It is also known as the Dom Felipe Cafe, which refers to the University’s in-campus cafeteria. 

Little Drummer Boy – Also known as “Drummie,” this statue is located near the flag pole of the university. Likewise, Drummie is a precious tradition in The Bedan. 

IMC or Instructional Media Center – This is the office where students can borrow the remote or cord for the television in their classrooms and event venues. On top of that, students must surrender their IDs which serve as the identity of those who borrowed a remote or cord. IMC is located on the ground floor of St. Bede’s building and the 3rd floor of St. Anselm’s building. 

Mendiola Consortium – This refers to the group of universities inside Mendiola. 

Narnia – This is found beside the Main Gate where The Bedan office, old NCAA office, and guard’s house are located.  

New Building – Now called Lydia Tan Sy Building, this is where the new CAS Library, bookstore, computer laboratories, and the newly-built Jonathan Sy Auditorium are located.  

Order of St. Benedict (O.S.B.) – A term for over-staying Bedans who have been with the university for five or more years.  

Red Wall – One of the famous attractions inside the university where students get to take pictures and post them in their My Day or Instagram Stories (#CertifiedBedista!). It is located at the entrance near LRT Legarda station.  

Shed (Red Benches) – The aligned benches are located near the Sabaters’ Garden. 

OPSA – This refers to the Office of the Prefect of Student Activities, which is headed by Prof. Marvin Reyes, Ph.D. This office is responsible for most of the student activities in the College, especially those concerning our student life and the Student Organization Circle (SOC). 

So freshies, I hope you can familiarize yourselves with these so that you won’t have question marks running through your brain. Once you encounter these terms or phrases in any interactions, make sure to turn to this guide that we made just for you! Good luck and have a fun time reading through these terms! 


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