BEFORE YOU GET to familiarize yourself with the great many things that our University has to offer, you have to first get acquainted with the place itself so as to not get lost in the many places you’ll encounter in the Lion’s Den. 

Now, the places that we’re about to tell you are some of the spots that the Bedans go to whenever they want to study, talk, or just reflect and seize the peaceful hours before their next class starts. So, without further ado, here are some places that every freshie should remember inside the campus: 

Campus Map by Rizian Balleta

St. Maur’s Hall 

This is the home of famous tambayans of many Bedans. In this building, you would see some food stalls during major events such as Frolics and Pride Games, and science laboratories. If you have a classroom starting with the number 4 then it’s located here or in the St. Maur’s Building. 

On top of that, the benches on each side serve as waiting areas of some students. So, if you want to hang out here make sure that the seats are vacant since there are instances when benches would be crowded. 

St. Placid’s Sports Center 

Containing the Manuel V. Pangilinan (MVP) and Robert Coyiuto (RC) Jr. Gymnasiums, respectively, the Center is designated to be the student-athletes’ training grounds. If you want to watch the volleyball and basketball players train their way to the top, you can stop by these gyms. On top of that, sporting events such as the College of Arts and Sciences’ (CAS) annual Pride Games take place here. 

St. Anselm’s Hall 

This building houses many of the classrooms used by the CAS. Furthermore, the offices of the various academic departments under the College is also located here. If you have a classroom starting with the number 3 then it’s located at the second floor or onwards of this building. 

St. Bede’s Hall 

The oldest building in campus, the one facing Mendiola, home to the Office of the Rector-President, Accounting, VPs, Registrar, CAS Central Office, Dean’s Office, etc. Also home to the SHS. If you have a classroom starting with the number 1 then it’s located at the second floor or onwards of this building. 

St. Benedict’s Hall 

Home of the Red Wall, Alumni Office, College of Medicine and College of Nursing offices 

Classrooms in this building rarely see use nowadays as they have transferred to St. Maur’s hall and the Rose and Albert Fong Health and Scjence Building 

Rose and Albert Fong Health and Science Building 

Housing the classrooms of the College of Nursing, you can find this building just behind St. Benedict’s Hall overlooking the University Football Field. 

Sabater Garden 

One could say that this is the ‘mini’ garden in San Beda. This place is one of the warmest spots in the university because of its peaceful atmosphere (in the morning) particularly whenever you wanted to sit down at the picnic tables and enjoy the view. Students also gather here during their breaks if they want to eat or study. (Warning: this place is typically crowded in the afternoon so you, better stay here early in the morning.) 

Jubilee Garden  

This is the larger of the two gardens in San Beda. You can also sit down here as the stone chairs would provide you with silence if you want to just sit down and reflect. The Jubilee Garden is also near the Abbey Church of Our Lady of Montserrat and the Abbey Infirmary which makes it a place for prayers. 

Abbey Church of Our Lady of Montserrat 

As the primary church of San Beda, this location hosts the monthly CAS community masses. With its neo-gothic interior, Benedictine Monks, pupils, and staff members congregate here To sing the Liturgy of the Hours and Eucharistic masses, Additionally, the graduation mass is held at this church.  

CAS Library 

Located at the third floor of the Lydia Tan Sy Building, we’re pretty sure that some of you would like it here not just because it’s air-conditioned, but because it’s a two-story library! So indulge in the coldness of the CAS Library while you start your productive hours or maybe ‘sleep.’ The library offers various accommodations such as the directory for books that you need, the meeting room, and the computer room where you can search through the Internet.  

Jonathan Sy Auditorium 

This is the newest and the largest of the University’s several auditoriums and it is found in the Lydia Tan Sy Building. The auditorium serves as the conference for seminars and orientations of the different organizations and administrators. 

Football Field 

Located behind the St. Anselm’s Hall and the Lydia Tan Sy Building, the football field serves as the training grounds for the football athletes. This place is also where major events take place such as the opening and closing ceremony for the Pista and other sports tournaments during the Pride Games.  

D’ Cuppa 

If you love drinking coffee and are too tired to go outside, of course, we also have our own Starbucks and Tim Horton’s inside San Beda. Located at the Lydia Tan Sy Building, D’ Cuppa offers homemade coffee (iced or hot) that will aid you in having more energy for your class.  

Dom Felipe Cafe 

Last, but not least, is the famed ‘Dom’ cafeteria. The canteen serves various Filipino foods that will satisfy your cravings, may it be breakfast or lunch. Other than that, students also hang out here particularly just to eat or sometimes sit down and talk as it’s also air-conditioned. 

There we have it! Here are some places that you, freshie, should know once you enter San Beda. If you feel like you need a directory or map, feel free to look at this map provided by us! Do familiarize the premises so you would not get lost. Welcome to San Beda! 


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