WE KNOW THE adrenaline on an all time high for you as you start your a new chapter inside the walls of San Beda University (SBU), which is why we’ll give you a sneak peak of the traditional events you need to await. 

Hey there Class of 2027! For sure you were able to hear some events and whatnot that you can’t wait to experience as a Bedan student but The B, will give you more details about it to further ease indulge your excitement with the kind of traditional activities you surely don’t wanna miss. Oh and a little note, we added the acronym so that you won’t be lost or confused when you hear it randomly, consider it an addition to the load of lingo you read about earlier. 

Freshmen Welcoming Day (FWD) 

Photo courtesy of San Beda Red Lens

Listen up freshies! This day is your day! A day dedicated to you guys so you better not be absent on this day. This is where the Student Council (SC) officially welcomes the freshies to the Den and has lots of fun games prepared for you to fully blend into the Bedan community. The FWD happens right after the Freshmen Orientation Day (FOD) spearheaded by the Guidance and Counseling Office. 

But wait, it doesn’t end there! You’ll also be welcomed by your Ates and Kuyas from your respective departments as a part of the program. Well, this is only a pinch of what’s in store for you baby Lions because we don’t want to spoil the fun right? We just wish that you’ll enjoy the day and may this day embark on your own kind of journey inside the university. 

College Organization Recruitment Week (COR Week) 

Photo courtesy of San Beda Red Lens

Alright, we know that you’re still finding your place inside the university. So why not channel that hobby, talent, skill, and interest that you’re hiding? Because this week, is definitely the one you should tick off on your Bedan bucket list.  

You’ll be given a chance to join the non-professional organization that you’re eyeing for! You just need to roam around the campus, read the publication materials, and listen to the officers in charge per org, and you’ll never know your Bedan story may start there. Organizations in San Beda are very active and you’ll also be able to find the camaraderie that’s one for the books in the Bedan community. Oh, and did we mention we’ll also be opening our doors on COR Week? You’re very much welcome to join us, Freshie! 

Paskong Bedista 

Photo courtesy of San Beda Red Lens

Yes, from the title itself you’ll automatically get it. This is specifically dedicated during the Christmas time in December before the students go into their Christmas vacations. There’s a raffle to be drawn as well and lots of amazing prizes the SC prepares. Moreover, contests were being held as well, like last year wherein Digital Artworks were showcased and our talented Bedans actively participated in this one. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to feel the Christmas spirit the Bedan kind of way so you must surely attend this, your first Paskong Bedista to be exact. 

Pista ng Sto. Niño and FROLICS 

Photo by Paolo Ornos

January is one of the months that is a crowd favorite of the Bedistas. It is one of the biggest celebrations in San Beda because from the name itself, we are celebrating the Feast of the Holy Child Jesus, in connection to this lots of activities are being prepared and there’s a procession around Mendiola where everyone not only the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) but the whole university participates. 

There’s also a car show during this time and the professional organizations set up their booths and have games and prizes prepared for everyone. Also, lots of traditional dances in connection to the Feast were being showcased during FROLICS, this is usually participated by the CAS and the Senior High School department.  


Photo courtesy of San Beda Red Lens

Now, aside from the FOD and the FWD, Integration will happen very very soon. This specific event of the CAS, spearheaded by the SC, is specifically dedicated again to you guys, our dear freshmen. This is the so-called Integration or the Red Baptism that will “officially baptize” and welcome you to the Lions Den, the Bedan community way. 

Also, you really need to wait for this one because of the circumstances we had due to the pandemic, the Integration was halted for three years already. Even us seniors haven’t experienced how a Bedan Integration is like. But do not fret, because it is highly anticipated this time around that your Class would be the start again for this tradition to be back.  

Now, this wraps up some of the traditional activities that the Red School of Mendiola has in store for you. And all of these activities? You’ll have your own take on each and every one of these. When that happens, you could finally say that you are now a true-blooded Bedista. 

We kept the intricate details not because we don’t want you informed but because we want you to experience it firsthand and see for yourself. Also, a little reminder that these may be the traditional activities but you’ll create your own experience and story inside the university, as you unfold and find your circle and be one with the Bedan community.  

Best of luck, Class of 2027, from all of us at The Bedan. 


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