HEY THERE, FRESHIES! As you start your college years in the halls of San Beda, you’ll know that life here isn’t all about academics. Whether continuing your passions from Senior High or trying something new the orgs of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) has you covered.  

Many have said that college life isn’t the same without an org of your own. Aside from your academic life, you should also have an “org life.” So here are reasons why you should consider joining an org: 

There’s always a first time 

As the saying goes by Miles Morales from the Spider-Verse film franchise, “there is a first time for everything” – and so does joining orgs. If ever you felt like it was right to solely focus on academics and not think about extra-curricular activities, well it’s time to change that perspective. In fact, joining an organization for the very first time will basically be like the turning point of your life because it will change you, without a doubt. 

Even if you may have bad experiences from the previous clubs that you have joined or if you really feel like you have no time for non-academic activities at all, it would be nice to have a change in your typical routine. In the next talking points, it further elaborates this one but the idea of finally starting something new at the start of your college year will be an extraordinary one – just try it. 

Honing your skills 

Love writing? Why not join us here in The Bedan? Or maybe other student publications like Echoes and The Spires. Like starting conversations amongst strangers? Then orgs involving debates can assist you in presenting strong arguments and good character. Always assisting people in their time of need? Because there are organizations that are committed to serving  the Bedan community and outside of the university as well. 

Joining an org will definitely help you in your personal life because they can shape the kind of person you ought to be through discovering the talents you may or may not know is in you. Growth only comes when you step out of your comfort zone and and org can help you find that something in yourself. 

Expanding your horizons 

Speaking of stepping out of your comfort zone, one of the biggest benefits that you can get in joining an organization is meeting different people with such diverse backgrounds and different views on a lot of things. Granted, introducing yourself is the key in socializing with new people in the organization, working alongside them can boost up the trust needed in forming a friendly and working relationship. 

Meeting and working with members of the club can also make you gain a lot of connections from different programs of the university. That way, you are able to acquire even more knowledge while also having a wider view on certain topics through their own experiences and understandings. So, as your parents would always advise you to do as you enter college: remember to make friends along the way. 

Somewhere to belong 

It’s hard to admit to ourselves sometimes that we always feel like we need to have that sense of belongingness in a community. Granted, being part of a class sounds good but there is more to college life than just your block. In fact, orgs would actually make you feel right at home through the common ground that you share with them. Thus, making you feel a bit more comfortable in your own skin despite the new names and faces you’ll encounter. 

The idea of joining an organization will definitely help you become a part of something that you have never realized before. Hence, teamwork is shown throughout your membership and you learn more about both yourself and the members you are working with. Because of this, social engagement and bonding with the organization is strengthened. 

Brownie points on your resume 

Yeah I know, reading this might sound like a requirement but, to be completely honest, that is something you need to look out for in the future, especially if you want to find a job right after college early. Too early? Yes, but it’s better late than never. As you join an organization, this is definitely something you have to put in your future resume in order to prepare yourselves for the next college years to come. 

Sure, the decision is up to you if you want to remain a member of the organization from your very first year of college up until graduation. That being said, going back to the idea of first time for everything, as time goes on, there will come a time that you have to take a leap of faith in accepting the risks as you choose to take your love for the organization to the next level. 

To give and to receive 

Lastly, because of everything that was mentioned through this article, this all sums up the idea of you being able to contribute a lot to the communities whether it’s in the university or your social life. Thus, it just proves the importance of joining organizations from the very beginning and how it can shape your life. 

For instance, if you are able to learn a lot in writing and speaking to the public, you are able to finish your essays and be able to report in front of the class filled with confidence. As you continue to volunteer in groups assisting those in need, then you are able to give those who you meet either close to your homes or along the roads. 

So, as you begin your college life in San Beda, it’s time to make a change for yourself and try out an organization just right for you. Of course, it’s best to consider the time management needed as well as the long commitment and dedication for the clubs. Never think of this as a requirement as if you are joining something for the sake of it – join an organization because they will help you eventually in both your personal and social life. 


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