WITH THE ACADEMIC-YEAR right around the corner, many are left pondering what and how to prepare oneself into the lions’ den. Worry no more, Freshies! Here’s a list of things to tick off to make sure you’re prepared for every quest you may encounter in the Lion’s Den. 


This is an age-old manifestation of someone who is eager to learn: that they have a bag with them at all times. Even Bill Gates, himself, carried a ‘tote bag’ full of books everywhere he goes to store knowledge for what was and what will be learned. May it be a messenger bag, a briefcase, a baguette, or simply a backpack – a bag should always be carried, especially for students like you and me. 

Though cliché as it may sound, a bag’s relevance still continues ‘till date given how it offers storage to all the necessities in surviving here in campus or the urban jungle of Manila. Furthermore, given the surprising uncertainties of what life has to offer, applying to professors as well, you can’t be too careful when materials are concerned; so it’d be best to bring all essentials in a bag. After all, a prepared Bedan wins them all.  


Let’s be honest here – modernity is something that can’t be deserted in the 21st century. Everywhere we see and touch are the legacies of mankind choosing to evolutionize life. And even here, the order and convenience of the school are within technology’s behest – so why not embrace innovation in pursuit of learning?  

In a reality where the university has opted to utilize innovative platforms such as Canva, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Zoom, Google, and other social media sites, it is necessary for Bedans to carry at least one electronic device to keep him/herself updated from any information disseminated by the university. Besides that, an electronic device would make it easier to communicate with fellow peers and be up-to-date with the latest news from online publications. With Stewardship being one of our hallmarks, technologies are indeed a concrete example of maximizing one’s resources responsibly and creatively.  

Stress Relieving Product  

Everyone has that one extremely personal object to relieve oneself from the stress that the university or life has to offer and thus help to continue that drive of persevering in pursuit of success. Be it a picture of a loved one, an essential oil, a special clothing, a religious object and the like – bring it to school with you to gain that relieving certainty as you go into battle. Though make sure that your object isn’t against school protocols.  

Medical Kit 

Even despite the current times where health protocols are finally lifted due to the availability of vaccines and the deteriorating number of COVID-19 cases, the same can’t be said within the school grounds; even the Department of Health (DOH) themselves stated that the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over even after global health emergency lifting.  

As such to pursue education without the expense of one’s health & wellbeing, Bedans are advised to always carry a medical kit which comprises at least a facemask, hand sanitizers, vaccination card, medications that are rich in vitamin C, and the like. Should you experience any COVID-19 symptom, seek professional help immediately and avoid going to crowded spaces to avoid the spread of the virus. Remember that a medical certificate is needed to authorize one’s absence.  


Who are you? Where are you from? What program are you taking? And what do you stand for? These queries are made extremely convenient with the help of one’s identification (ID) complete with that red Bedan ID lace, or an ID lace recognized by the university and the program you are taking.  

It cannot be stressed out how essential an ID is upon entering the school’s grounds as it would justify one’s identity of being a Bedan; deeming you worthy of the privileges provided for a Bedan while eradicating all chances of speculation from various individuals. Furthermore, it is likened to an armor that completes that Bedan look and protects one’s self from any perils that might happen. No ID yet? Just visit SBU’s ICTC IT Development Services Office and present your Certificate of Registration (COR). Note that SBU’s guards are especially stringent with regard to the dress-code policy, so better yet safe than sorry.  

That Lion within you 

Forever in your journey within and outside the walls of San Beda, always carry with it the heart of a lion – one that is unyielding to fear and runs toward its destined success. Life at a university is never a straight line, obstacles will inevitably come to hinder the path. But a Bedan equates to a lion, he/she will always rise triumphantly amid all tribulations should determination prevail within his/her heart. Although a lion is without its pride, a Bedan remains humble even in the face of defeat yet never wavers to stand once more.  

If there’s one thing certain about the university – it is the flourishing diversity raging within. Each Bedan has their own set of checklists to prepare themselves for the lion’s den, but nothing but prayer and work can help you brave the challenges up ahead.