WHILE YOUR BEDAN journey officially starts today, we know that it’s a struggle to keep everything afloat. So when you find yourself in doubt, just visit this article for a little tap on the shoulder for encouragement. 

We know that rainy days will come not only literally, but also figuratively in your college days. And being overwhelmed by a new environment and people may happen especially as a freshman. Don’t worry, we completely understand you because like what the ‘oldies’ usually say, “been there, done that ”. Yup, we also had our own storms, it wasn’t always sunshines and rainbows inside the university. And that my dear new lion is just okay, because that’s the reality—of college life. This was inspired by a feature article made by our former Editor-in-Chief, Nicole Rile back in our 2020 issue.  

Your Birth Month 

January – If it’s not your day today, 

February – You may not be toughest at this moment, 

March –  Remember your reason for striving, 

April – It’s okay that your feeling this way, 

May – In times of self-doubt, 

June – You may not be your best today, 

July – When you can’t find the words, 

August – If all you’re seeing is gray,  

September – If you think the world is too harsh, 

October – If things are not going your way,  

November – When you feel like drowning, 

December – This is just a moment of weakness,  

Favorite thing to do to destress 

Sleep – do not fret, 

Binge-watch – breathe, it’s okay, 

Play – remember you are not alone,  

Eat your comfort food – don’t be hard on yourself because, 

Shout – accept the things you have no control over, 

Cry – express your sadness in the way you can, 

Drink – you will get through this,  

Rant – don’t give up, He’s listening,  

Last digit of your student number  

0 – at some point, you’ll find your way to stand up again. 

1 – you’re someone amazing, remember that. 

2 – this downfall is not a reflection of your whole capabilities.  

3 – you’re a fighter, that’s why you’re finding your own way to get through this. 

4 – lean on someone you trust, then go back and show who you truly are.  

5 – He has something planned for you, just trust the process.  

6 – the process might be taxing but the result would be promising.  

7 –  this hardship is just a dejected episode of your awesome college series. 

8 – take some rest, then you can think of the solution afterwards.  

9 – these are just some baby steps towards a fruitful success.  

Alright, freshies, we know that you’re about to ride the most exciting and terrifying roller coaster of your life as you officially enter the den today. You may falter but that’s not the end of your journey and the goal that you’ve set. Everyone has their own path that’s waiting to be paved for their own way. And if all hope seems lost, you may pray to the Lord for a good sign, and you may come back in this article for a little tap on the shoulder.  

Nevertheless, you’re now a Bedan Lion, which means that you’re ready to be a leader, a fighter, and a competent team player. Welcome and enjoy the time of your life here in San Beda!


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