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AS ANOTHER ELECTION approaches, a new face has stepped into the challenge of occupying the highest seat in the Student Council (SC) of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). Eunice Bermudez, a student from the Department of Legal Management , is vying to be the next SC president under the San Bigkis Party (SBP). 

Describing herself as “eager, unfiltered, and new,” Eunice is here to answer the calling to continue her service for the institution. In an exclusive interview with the sole candidate for the presidency, let’s witness her plans and visions for the Bedan community. 

Q: Can you please state your name, political party, and the position that you’re running for? 

I am Eunice Bermudez from San Bigkis Party and I’m running for president. 

Q: Answer for us, a question you have prepared for, in your more than 3 years stay in San Beda, why did you only vie for the position in the 2nd special elections? Please elaborate. 

 So, we were the first batch – the first freshmen batch which transitioned from a face-to-face setting to an online… setting. So, at first, I wanted to be lowkey lang ganyan but then I figured out that… it was my calling, feeling ko na-realize ko actually na hindi ko pala kayang talikuran ang paglilingkod at pagbibigay ng serbisyo sa mga kapwa ko inside and outside of our institution. 

Q: In a short anecdote, introduce to us Eunice Bermudez.  

Eunice is an eager, an unfiltered, and a new face in the student council. 

Q: What is your opinion on the state of campus leadership? Kindly elaborate. 

Right now, in terms of campus leadership… I think there is a great student body representation, but I feel like, we need to add something that would intensify that. Actually, that is one of my platforms, the creation of a student congress. This is going to be a separate and a distinct body… from the student council which will act as the legislative department of the student body.  

Q: What is the principle of leadership you adhere to? 

Leadership means firstly, a leader must be able to listen to his people, her or their people. Second is, someone who has plans, and thirdly, someone who is direct and fearless in terms of representing the whole community. 

Q: Therefore, how does this align with the principle of San Bigkis Party? 

San Bigkis Party came to me, asked me to be their presidential candidate. So prior to my candidacy, I was able to do my research about San Bigkis and I observed that San Bigkis Party is a has a strong representation not only in their political party but also, they but they also extend their services in San Beda. Secondly, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I have plans, a leader must have plans, and San Bigkis Party has plans not only for the SBP candidates or SBP members but also inside our institution. 

Q: Assuming you will be the elusive chief executive the CAS is looking for, how will you lead the council which already began and assumingly mapped plans for the CAS student body? Will you adjust your vision for San Beda to fit the seated council’s plan or will you stick with your vision and revise the incumbent council’s plans?  

First and foremost, I would like to recognize the efforts and the gradual success of the incumbent SC, and to answer your question, I wouldn’t change anything. Instead, I will add something and those are my platforms which they can also view in the SC… in the San Bigkis Party Facebook page and my Facebook account as well. To add more on that, every officer has a distinct responsibility and duties. So, there has to be checks and balances and in order to exercise that, we must work collaboratively. 

Q: So, how would you rate the incumbent council’s service to the students? 

Right now since they’re starting, I think they’re doing a pretty… good job. I’d give it a 9. 

Q: If so, what lapses in the current administration and how do you plan to address them? 

Right now there is an air of uncertainty in the college because we don’t have a student council president who is directly and duly elected by the students for the said position and in order to fill the lapse or gap, we really need a president this time. That’s why I’m here, being brave, taking the challenge, and rising up. 

Q: Having stated your opinion on the council’s performance, how will you position yourself vis a vis the incumbent council who, as mentioned, had already begun their term of service for the CAS? 

Like what I said earlier, I would recognize their efforts, and according to the SC Consitution, the president has the duty to protect the legitimate rights, welfare, and interests of the students and I’m here, I want to be that person who will not only protect the rights, welfare, and interests of the student body but also someone who is able to listen and who is able to collate all the efforts and ideas of the officers to be able to… come up with platforms and plans for the student body that would address their needs. 

Q: What do you think is/are the biggest issues/concern of the student body that requires immediate attention from the council to the administration? 

Okay so I was able to… ask the students themselves. Number one issue… this is not… chronologically ranked but the first one is lack of attention when it comes to grievances. Ang sabi ng mga students, there are times na hindi… nabibigyan ng pansin ang grievances and the solution to that… to intensify student representation is through one of my flagship platforms which is the student congress… as I have explained during the interview it is going to be the legislative body for the students which is also formed by the students. So, in terms of services or policies na kailangan talaga ng students. This will be the appropriate body to deliberate on that and the second grievance is in terms of… official recognition of the existing executive committees right now, because under the handbook, there are… not all the existing committees, or executive committees rather are officially recognized there as well as the other duly recognized or accredited organizers and that’s going to amplify once again student representation. So those are… the major grievances that the students have raised.  

Q: In regards with those grievances, how do you intend to address this? 

So one of my platforms… aside from what I mentioned, the student congress. I also have here which is about a categorized… forms link to address the grievances. Although, I’m really happy that the incumbent student council is implementing the same… notion or plan that I have in mind. So, if I’m elected as president, we’re going to continue that the frequently asked questions publicity materials that they’re doing right now. 

Q: Do you think the present council can address the students’ needs without you as the President. 

…They’re going a good job but the problem is, we’re facing uncertainty right now because we do not have a student council president who is directly and duly elected by the students for the said position and hindi naman kasi ilalagay yung position na president sa student council if hindi siya mahalaga at hindi siya kailangan. So, in order to represent the whole student body as one of the… roles of the president, there has to be someone who is seated in the student council to help the other offices to implement their platforms and to execute their plans efficiently and effectively.  

Q: In an abstain or Eunice election who should the electorate vote for and why? 

The electorate… has the right well to vote for abstain but right now… I am confident that I am able to deliver all the platforms that were based on grievances… pinakinggan ko lahat, department per department yung mga concerns nila that’s why this time around this special elections, students I hope they can see the… the truth and the honesty that I am conveying to them. So, I hope they vote for Eunice, for me.