AFTER TWO SUBSEQUENT abstentions, Bedans in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) have finally chosen their next Student Council (SC) President in the person of San Bigkis Party’s (SBP) Eunice Bermudez, along with electing Beige Campbell as the next First-Year Representative in the first election of academic year (A.Y.) 2023-2024 held last Saturday, September 9. 

Bermudez, who comes from the Legal Management department, was the sole remaining candidate running for the highest position of the SC, following the withdrawal of independent candidate Kyrelle Tolete. She was able to acquire a total of 1014 votes across all levels, whereas those who chose to abstain instead was at 314. 

When prodded for a reaction to her victory, Bermudez admitted that “she didn’t expect it” but it still felt surreal for her and thanked her campaign team and party. She also thanked everyone, those students who voted for her and didn’t, because they were able to practice their right to suffrage. “I have responsibilities now and ibibigay ko yung time ko para dito,” Bermudez averred. 

Knowing that the Bedan students had finally found their “chosen one” for the SC presidency after abstaining two times in the previous elections, Bermudez felt really grateful because she was able to convey her plans and platforms genuinely and honestly. “Ngayon, finally guys we have a president. Magagawa na natin yung mga plano pa natin. Thank you so much talaga,” Bermudez responded. 

As for the First-Year Representative, while all accredited parties fielded their own respective candidates, Bermudez’ partymate Campbell emerged victorious with a majority of votes amongst the freshmen at 215. National Youth and Progressive Democrats’ (NYPD) bet Robert Dylan dela Paz came in second with just 114 and Ang MITHI’s Ma. Beatrix “Bea” Lareza got 71 votes, while only 26 students chose to abstain. 

Campbell himself “didn’t actually believe at first” when he realized that he won the first year batch representative position because he really “wanted to see the numbers first” so that he would truly believe it.“Now na medyo nagsisink in sakin, gusto ko lang mag-thank you sa mga nagsuporta, sa mga nagtiwala sa buong kampanya, na hindi ako iniwan ng mga campaign managers, our supporters, our batch, maraming salamat po and marami tayong tatatrabuhin,” Campbell said. 

When asked for their plans as incoming SC officers, both Bermudez and Campbell also shared their respective thoughts. 

For Bermudez, as she mentioned being able to meet Julia San Jose, the Vice President for Internal Affairs and acting SC President. Bermudez also says that she plans to brief herself because of pending matters and do her platforms step-by-step, especially her proposed Student Congress, including the revision of the CAS student handbook.  

“But for now, kailangan kong makisabay talaga muna ako sa wave ng mga ginagawa ng ating SC—that’s a sign of perspective naman,” said the SBP bet. 

For his part, the first thing that Campbell plans to do is to talk to his batchmates, exactly what they really want and to achieve because, for him, his platform would not be enough if he would be listened to and not by the voice of all.  

“We are a batch, we are a family and everyone’s voice is needed to be heard so. So, kailangan pong konsultahin ang batch ko kung anong kailangan namin gawin at anong problema ang ikinakaharap ngayon ng ating batch, he explained. 

Last September 13, Campbell was officially proclaimed and immediately sworn into office by the San Beda – Electoral Board (ELBO) and the Office of the Prefect of Student Affairs (OPSA). However, Bermudez’ own proclamation has been delayed by the OPSA due to outstanding appeals before the office on her supposed campaign violations, which were spelled out in a letter written by Prof. Marvin Reyes, the Prefect of Student Activities, to Amir Jordan Hussin, a third-year student from the Department of Business, Management, and Entrepreneurship, who initiated the said complaint.