THE BEDAN MUSICIANS Guild (BMG) organized “Timbreng Pinoy,” a virtual concert, last August 8 via Facebook Live to showcase Original Pinoy Music (OPM) and to shed light upon the beauty of Filipino music in celebration of Buwan ng Wika 2023. 

Janezka Acbo, BMG President, shared that Timbreng Pinoy was inspired by “the beauty of OPM,” which is “overshadowed by the popularity of international music.” Through this, BMG dedicated their organization in “reminding Bedans and all Filipino music lovers” that their own music is beautiful, that it should be more appreciated as it is their own. 

Held virtually, BMG was able to roughly amass a total of “2,000 viewers” for the concert, which was open for all netizens and music enthusiasts. For the organization’s President, they “poured their hearts” into this project as they “dedicate themselves to all Filipino and non-Filipino listeners in unraveling OPM in their eyes.” 

According to Joseph Atienza, BMG Production Head, they were able to fulfill their goals  through Timbreng Pinoy, as they were able to successfully showcase OPM and had “rekindled the love” for these songs as well. Hence, he emphasized that Buwan ng Wika was a source for this goal as the language of the Filipinos is an “avenue for great music.”  

BMG drove the point home by sharing that international music and bands have been “preferred more by Filipinos as of late,” which calls for the need of the concert to not be just a concert but a celebration of Pinoy music as well, Atienza explained.  

For Acbo, Bedan students should put emphasis on the “love and service for one’s country because it is in the university’s very own Hymn,” since it preaches the love for the country’s very own music that should not be forgotten. 

She also shared that the concert was “a success and has served its purpose and delivered its message to the Bedan Community, and of course the Filipino citizens.” 

However, while there was success in Timbreng Pinoy, it also had its fair share of struggles from their concert. Based from this experience, the BMG president mentioned that “many plans were revised, as well as situations compromised.” The adjustments included rehearsals to the actual concert, considering that they had to balance organization schedules with academic responsibilities, the organization “exerted their best effort” to make the event happen. 

Speaking of a potential sequel to Timbreng Pinoy, Atienza shared the possibility since for her, “OPM never stops.” She explained that “the pride for local music must never waver, not just in music but also in food, clothing, or anything that showcases our very own culture and traditions.” 

She reminded the Bedan community that “Timbreng Pinoy speaks on behalf of every OPM to [for] you to love your own.” 

“Love your own country’s music, your own talents, and love where you come from.  “Iba pa rin ang tatak Pinoy” is the message Timbreng Pinoy tries to instill within the Bedan Community, said Acbo. 

(with D. S. Elijah de Castro

Photo courtesy of Bedan Musicians Guild