TO EMPOWER FUTURE Bedan entrepreneurs, the Management and Entrepreneurship Society (ManSoc) kicked off the academic year (A.Y.) 2023-2024 with an “Entrepreneurial Trends Seminar,” last August 29 at Room 33Q of St. Anselm’s Hall. 

With the theme “Vision of Innovation, Meeting an Opportunity,” the seminar aimed to “inspire attendees with the proper mindset” to navigate the “ever-evolving landscape” of business trends and innovation. 

The ManSoc Secretary-General and concurrent activity chair, Therese Klaire Deado, shared her motivation for organizing the event saying, that their “goal is to enlighten each and every student in our department to see their greatest potential and create opportunities for them to grow and learn in every situation they are in.” 

Deado also took a moment to express her heartfelt gratitude to all who made delivered the event a reality, thanking their President, Kysha Orcullo, and moderator Dr. Jenny de Guia, PhD., as well as the rest of the “ManSoc family.” 

The event featured Bedan entrepreneur Leonard Villan, who captivated participants by recounting his journey, experiences, and achievements. 

The students were able to interactively participate in a Q&A session wherein Villan emphasized the value of adapting a persistent yet practical forward-thinking mindset. 

With the event wrapped up, Villan delivered a heartfelt message to the Bedan Community, highlighting the strength of the foundation they carry.  

“Do not be afraid to take on challenges, kasi being a Bedan just means na maganda ang foundation mo. Do not fear failures and mistakes because those things are essential to your success,” he remarked. 

Villan’s words echoed the entrepreneurial spirit that SBU instills in its students, concluding his talk with the quote, ”All successful entrepreneurs are great leaders”, underlining the importance of embracing challenges and pursuing one’s passions fearlessly. 

As a final message to the Bedan Community, Deado advised, “Don’t miss any opportunities given to you along the way; there are certain things in life that teach us lessons that couldn’t be found in the book, but are to be found in our surroundings and different experiences in life.” 

In closing, Deado acknowledged the participants who actively engaged in the seminar, recognizing their indispensable role in the event’s success.  

Deado conveyed, “And last but not least, I’d like to thank those who participated because without all of you, this would not have been a successful one. Thank you so much!” 

The Entrepreneurial Trends Seminar seems to be just the beginning of what promises to be a transformative academic year at SBU.  

As ManSoc takes the forefront in nurturing entrepreneurial excellence among its students, the Bedan community envisions a future where it can exert a positive influence in the business world and beyond. 

(with Rizian Veniz Balleta) 

Photo courtesy of the Management and Entrepreneurship Society