THE SAN BEDA Economics Society (SBES) in partnership with San Beda’s Community Engagement Center (CEC), conducted a community-driven planting project called “Econvironment” last September 13 that is meant to “increase biodiversity” in the University’s Garden. 

The said event was organized by SBES’ head of outreach, Isaiah Luiz Funes, with the main goal of making the gardens of San Beda ‘renewed and fresh again and to lower carbon emissions.’ 

As described by SBES, Econvironment is a “one-of-a-kind eco-revolution that features two sides of the world, combining both economics and environment, and as well as to introduce the proper sustenance of natural environment and the management of the natural resources.” 

When confronted about the necessary preparations made for the successful execution of the activity, Funes shared that “necessary preparations made for Econvironment are as follows: planning the said project in coordination with Mrs. Norielyn Tabag, the director of CEC allocating tasks such as contacting possible sponsors, gathering needed equipments and materials and making public materials, and executing said project.” 

“To say it was a team effort is an understatement since SBES’s Executive Board and its committees planned and executed Econvironment efficiently as one entity and so, I would like to congratulate each and every one of my colleagues,” Funes added. She emphasized on the essential involvement of the team and the support of the sponsors in the realization of the project. He also made mention of the important roles of Izaac Aquino and Dianne Sheng, as they were the people who contacted all the sponsors for this year’s Econvironment. 

As for the struggles that they have experienced, Funes shared, “All in all, the struggles we experienced is only the time constraint since our organization moved in only about, I would say, two weeks tops, but I really would not say it was a struggle since SBES executed Econvironment efficiently.” 

Moving forward, the Bedan community as well as the whole College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) are to expect more worthwhile projects and activities from SBES, as Funes says that “Definitely, for SBES this is only the beginning! Do not only expect more projects like Econvironment but also expect more projects that can help inside and outside of our Bedan Community.” 

Underlining the essence of project, Funes reminded the Bedan community, that “in sustaining our environment, it starts from the small things then it gradually goes to the big things. Always remember to take care of our environment and its resources in any way we can – such as proper disposal of waste, proper usage and conservation of natural resources, and care for living and non-living things.”  

Photo courtesy of SBES


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