THE INTERMEDIARY, THE official publication of the Junior Financial Management Association (JFINMA), now on its sixth volume, is back to help ensure “financial literacy” among students through the publication’s physical and online platforms.  

The publication has had Mr. Melvin Jason De Vera, one of the professors in the Department of Financial Management, as their moderator since 2020. 

Athena Mendoza, the Editor-in-Chief of The Intermediary, said that they chose Mr. De Vera as their moderator because they believed that he could help them as they tackle financial topics because of his expertise in it. 

In its official Facebook page, the said publication has released two posts about its return last August 17 to 18, stating that “The Intermediary is back stronger than ever this year,” after a short hiatus. Its purpose is to disseminate financial and campus news intended for the students of Financial Management and to all students of San Beda University (SBU).  

“As much as possible, we also want to educate those who are outside our department when it comes to financial literacy,” Mendoza added. In this year’s volume, Mendoza wanted to engage more with the students, alumni, and professors in the Financial Management Department by featuring them in their content. 

Observing the lapses made by the past couple of volumes, she is dedicated to improving such blunder, while maintaining ‘consistency’ in terms of publishing content. In addition, their main plan in volume six is to publish a physical copy at the end of the semester, to sum up the events of the Junior Financial Management Association (JFINMA), and to feature the students who represented the department in various competitions outside SBU. 

“We aim to publish it around January, so as early as November, we want to be ready and prepared in terms of the content and the materials,” said Mendoza. The members of The Intermediary are Kathy Delos Reyes, the managing editor, and Jannine Salinas, the associate editor on their editorial board. As for the writers in this volume, it included Stephen Rustia, Penelope Morta, Alexandria Fernandez, and Angelo Sta. Maria, along with Athena Calub and Miles Geriane as the layout artists. 

“To my fellow financial management students, we hope that they can support their own department’s student publication by taking time to read and appreciate our content. As we also aim to engage more with them, we hope that they can participate and share their ideas and suggestions if they have any,” said Mendoza to her fellow students in Financial Management. 

Mendoza concluded the interview hoping that the basic financial literacy published under The Intermediary will help students to gain comprehension and guidance in handling finances. 


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