THE NEWLY LAUNCHED “Bedan Response Development” (BeRed) program significantly rebrands the old athletics program by uniting and integrating all of San Beda University-Manila’s (SBU-M) sports teams under one system, ensuring equal allocation of support and funding.  

The BeRed program is an excellent place to start for teams striving to be recognized and participate in various tournaments. With the help of an equal marketing budget, the newly developed program will ensure that no teams are left behind.  

What is the “BeRed” Program? 

In an interview with Coach Kurt De Guzman, one of the contributors to the BeRed program, he shared that the university first has the Sports Defense Program. Thanks to Coach Aris Caslib, one of SBU’s football coaches and currently a technical man in FIFA, BeRed was initiated. Together with Rev. Fr. Placido Acta, O.S.B., the University’s athletics director, the program was elevated with assistance from other SBU coaches. 

“With the help of coaches, Coach Dondon of swimming, those veteran coaches, Coach Jopy Mamawal, even the help of Fr. Placid, kahit ako tumulong dun sa program. So, sila ang kinostruct ni Coach Aris at ngayon, kami ngayon yung nag-iinstigate. Kami, tinatry namin ngayon i-formulate. Ito siya, kumbaga, ibibgay niya yung formula kami ngayon yung nag-aapply,” Coach Kurt shared.  

“No one will be left behind,” Coach Kurt further emphasized as they combined sports systems into one in order for the people to be hooked on the idea that the program would apply to all of the athletes’ sports, in lieu of just one. 

“Every athlete, every team will enjoy all the benefit that we can share to them. So, we’re starting the BeRed that we have now and initiate for the new sports program,” he expressed. 

Likewise, the program is the first of its kind at San Beda since the institution attained university status. “The whole program we’ll put it in the big jar. Hanggang mapuno yan. Then we’ll equally divide it in every small jar so that it will be filled up. And if an alumni will help a team. We will recognize it,” Coach Kurt shared. 

In addition, the excess budget will be distributed to the other teams in order to prevent the other groups from falling behind, which could be a reason for them not to play for the season. Another impressive idea was pioneered as Coach Kurt mentioned the San Beda Watch Sports Program where they talk about different topics live on Facebook. 

As previously mentioned, the sports show covers more than simply athletics; it also includes interviews with Bedan small business owners and showcases of products. Plus, this is also their method of promoting their merchandise that gradually expands the program. 

Iba na ang labanan ngayon sa sports eh. It’s not the competition itself. It’s not the competition itself, it is how you will rebrand sports even if you go with other schools here in Manila, you will see the branding.”   

Coach Kurt also mentioned that the university has been collaborating with Anta Philippines—a well-known sports brand—as one of its methods to gain notoriety for the school and its teams. 

“You must teach to the athlete that kailangan din sila maging..maging ano eh. Maging ambassador of San Beda eh. Kase di pwede yung lumabas ka na maglalaro ka lang dyan para ka nasa kalye. No no no. ibahin naten babaguhin naten yan,” Coach Kurt added. 

Changes in game plan  

Even with the athletics program being in its early stages, it is foreseen to inevitably continue with some challenges along the way. As Coach Kurt affirmed, “Para mabalanse rin at makita natin yung weakness. Yung mga kaganapan dun sa program, na later on baka ma-experience, we will be ready for that kasi kailangan rin talaga ma-experience yung a side of downfall eh.” 

Although, he still recognizes the advantages of the program for the Bedan athletes as this can help the team to rebrand. “Malaki yung maitutulong nito for rebranding. ‘Cause we insist on rebranding, you play and train hard, but you study harder.” 

Coach Kurt reminded the athletes that academics and sports should be well balanced as one of the objectives of the BeRed program 

“We’ll make it balanced kasi nga di puwedeng more on academics ka tapos sports mo napabayaan mo na. Lahat to kailangan balanse,” Coach Kurt shared, recognizing the importance of academics and the Bedan athletes’ education. 

On the other hand, the program also took into account student discipline. Coach Kurt mentioned that with the assistance of Dr. Diosdado “Toti” Alajer, he consistently inquired about the athletes’ academic performance. 

He then asserted that the San Beda Athletics team is committed to the gradual implementation of the new program to ensure its success and sustainability. “Although teams right now, are not ready pa, unti-unti natin yung pasok sa kanila. Unti-unti nila malalaman yung rationale ng new program na yun. Kasi kailan tayo kikilos? Kung lahat sila nandoon na, tayo sa baba. We want also to be on the top,” he elaborated.  

Moreover, the San Beda athletics team is confident that the new program will be a success provided that it obtains require backing, acknowledging that the program is a gamble, but the Bedan coaches are seeing it through to fruition. 

BeRed Mark on NCAA 

BeRed serves as a big boost for the athletes during the NCAA, according to Coach Kurt. 

He paints it as a “long-term program” and anticipates that SBU would continue to compete in national events like the CHED Palaro, National Open Athletics, and the Philippine National Games besides adhering to the NCAA.  

Coach Kurt mentioned the likes of Birbian Beausano, who won the gold medal at the SEA Games as well as Princess Katindi, a former team captain of the university’s soft tennis team. 

Other than that, the program poses another avenue of representation for SBU. “So makita mo, yung competition pa rin, dinadala pa rin ang mga Bedistang atleta, ang pangalan ng San Beda kahit saang larangan,” Coach Kurt explained. 

He reminds the athletes frequently what they stand for when they compete and when they bare their jerseys: the Bedan community. 

And that is exactly what the program and the coaches want to encourage for fostering a culture of sportsmanship, teamwork, and healthy competition for the athletes. 

“So, yung program natin for them, we ensure na it’s not only a competition, but also it will build character for our athlete,” Coach Kurt remarked. 

(with Jannine Salinas, Rizian Balleta, and Veronica Balbin)