THE SAN BEDA Red Jins opened its doors to aspiring members of the team last June 3 and 10 held at the Robert Coyiuto (RC) Gym. 

The said tryouts were successful, garnering roughly around 87 applicants. Accordingly, the tryouts started with Red Jin’s usual training schedule at six in the morning.  

Although they have strictly said that they are looking for brown and black belters, there were also other colored belts who took their shot to be part of the team and was welcomed by the Red Jins. 

Aspiring student-athletes from different regions like Bicol and Mindanao gathered to participate and try their luck of hopefully earning a slot in being part of Red Jins. 

The process of joining the team included the usual sparing to see the potential of the applicants, aside from that they also look out for the footwork itself which is also one of the factors in accepting the applicants.  

However, they have not chosen any qualified students yet because it requires a series of performances or tryouts as explained by Red Jin’s assistant coach, Coach Jason Locsin. He said that the team considers various instances especially when an athlete may not be on his or her A game or fullest potential on that day. “You are not your 100% all the time so we have to do a series of tryouts, unless sa mga provinces na nakitaan kaagad namin ng potential, pag nakitaan namin ng potential, balik kayo. Mas better okay kase makapag adjust,” Coach Jason stated. 

Opening doors for aspiring Red Jins was made possible by Coach Jason as well as Red Jin’s Head Coach, Coach Jun Ronquillo. This is because the team is in need of new players since the seniors will already be graduating this year.  

Whilst the open tryouts went smoothly, walk-in and colored belt applicants is one of the major concerns of this year’s open tryouts. The team even mentioned that they are giving chances to other colored belters lower than brown belts because they can see the potential and skill in them. 

Lastly, Coach Jason left his message stating, “Well, ano lang simple lang naman, do your best. Sabi ko nga sa mga nag t-tryout, kailangan nila ipakita kung gaano nila kagusto.” 

He added that, “Hindi naman kami mamimilit ng isang player kapag half-hearted. So as much as possible if you’re trying out, give your best. You do your best. You show what you got sa mga talent scouts, sa mga coaches.” expressing his utmost support to aspiring Red Jin. 

(With Shelly Bocabel)

Photo courtesy of the Red Jins


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