FOLLOWING THE AUGUST 2023 Psychometrician Licensure Examination, San Beda University’s (SBU) Department of Psychology rejoiced with pride as Bedan examinees from the department achieved a passing rate of 85.29% for first-time takers. 

Dr. Annabel Quilon, the Chairperson of the Psychology Department, expressed pride and joy in the success of their graduates who are now registered Psychometricians. “All faculty of the Department of Psychology are happy and proud of our psychology graduates who were recently added to the roster of Bedan Registered Psychometricians,” shared Dr. Quilon. 

The department took pride in the consistent high passing rate, especially for first time takers, noting that in the recent examinations San Beda recorded 82.93% in October 2019, 100% in February 2022, and now 85.29% in August 2023.  

Moreover, she mentioned several factors on how the department keeps its consistency, saying that “constant updates in the content of the syllabi, qualified and competent faculty, student-centered approach.” 

Recognizing the dynamic nature of the discipline, the Psychology Department has taken proactive steps to ensure that their curriculum remains current and pertinent to the changing requirements of the psychometrician profession. Aside from the inclusion of the four board courses, Measurement and Evaluation were added in the department’s curriculum to supplement for psychological assessment.  

 The Department Chair highlighted that, “All board courses are handled by practitioners in the clinical and industrial field, and this is one of the reasons for the good performance of our students in the licensure exam.” 

Dr. Quilon also emphasized that “Communication between faculty and students is not only limited in the classroom. Students can ask questions and communicate their concerns to faculty even beyond their class schedule.” She noted that this approach has been positively received by students and motivates them to excel academically. “Constant feedback in terms of our students’ academic performance strengthen their confidence level to take the Board Licensure Exam for Psychometricians,” she added. 

Looking ahead, the department continues to have high ambitions. Dr. Quilon said, “The department is always aiming for a 100% passing rate and we will always update the curriculum as well as train and prepare our students for the licensure exam.” 

“To our faculty, all your efforts are well appreciated and continue to inspire our students. To our students, we are preparing you to become competent Bedan Psych Professionals, so wholeheartedly enjoy your academic journey in the Department of Psychology,” Dr. Quilon concluded.