IN AN EFFORT to “provide assistance” to all future accountants and their educational needs, the San Beda Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) opened review and tutorial services for accountancy Bedan and non-Bedan students alike via an announcement through their Facebook page last September 12.  

The review services being offered by JPIA is composed of two compositions, with both having different objectives. 

The first part is tutorial services that are primarily targeted for Bedan accountancy students. Such services are primarily offered during the midterm and final examinations in a way to aid fellow accounting students in understanding the lessons much better.  

Another part of the organization’s services are the review services that are offered openly for both Bedans and non-Bedan accountancy students alike, particularly those preparing for the next Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination (CPALE) board examinations.  

The review services are being tutored by Bedan accounting alumni, along with the provision of learning resources available at the library, a section tab in the Red Canvas, alongside other materials provided by the Department for the Accountancy and Taxation students of San Beda University (SBU). 

With the Bedan accounting alumni acting as tutors, April Dhennisse Valdez, a third-year accounting major and the organization’s incumbent president, described that “teachers teach the lesson much more complexly, while a fellow student teaches the lesson in an easier and more understandable manner.”  For her, it would be much better for accounting students to “study as a batch and not only as a group. Because of this, they can bond together.” 

Open to all first to fourth-year accounting majors, the tutorial services being offered by the Department and the Bedan alumni have an aspect of ‘relatability’ present in providing tips and tricks for current accounting students concerning the subjects that they are taking in. 

Originally proposed last 2020, the review services had just recently opened last April 2023 in an effort of aiding accounting students alike, may they be a Bedan or a non-Bedans, in preparing themselves for the upcoming CPALE board examinations.  

According to Maymay Tuvera, a third-year accounting major who is also the organization’s Vice-President for Academic Affairs, she said “We believe we should help our fellow accounting students, kasi they are also future accountants.”  

The beneficiaries of this activity would not only be the accounting students alone, but also the start-up review centers, which Tuvera mentioned that “want din namin na ma-expose ‘yung mga different review centers, not only the popular ones.”  

Materials for the review sessions are also being provided by the review centers. While the services are conducted every Sunday via Zoom every two to three hours, the schedule, nonetheless, remains tentative depending on the subject and availability of the students as well.  


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