AS BEDANS, WE all have somewhere to go inside the campus to relax and unwind occasionally. However, the four corners of the Lions’ Den may sometimes not be enough for its students to unwind. These places are sometimes called “hidden gems” or the go-to tambayans that we, Bedans, would always spend our vacant time or maybe after the productive hours of class inside the campus. 

We have asked a few of the Lions inside the campus what would be their hang-out spots outside the campus! Take note that these are also recommendations you and your friends could spend some time in. 

Francis Revilla 

Revilla, a fourth-year student from the Department of Legal Management, couldn’t say that the place he thought of was a hang-out spot, but rather a “go-to spot,” which is Pericos. Combined with its bang for the buck meals, Php89, would be enough for one’s dinner to be complete.  

For him, Pericos is remarkable, not solely for its ability to keep one’s wallet healthy and one’s stomach full, but as a hub for his friends and classmates to catch up with one another and to know what’s up with everyone in his circle.  

Rated at an 8 out of 10, Revilla suggested this place for all Bedans. His recommendation aligns with the traits of a great Bedan hangout spot. “I think dapat malapit talaga siya sa Beda, and malapit din sa commute route. Pero if wala [namang] class, I think it’s definitely worthwhile to explore one na malapit sa mga kainan like sa may P. Noval to Dapitan area or d’un sa may You-suites area marami din d’un.” 

Revilla added that the surrounding campus is “rich in flavor and diversity,” catering to almost all student needs. Areas such as the Malacañang Complex, Youniversity Suites, P. Noval, and Dapitan are just a few of Revilla’s recommendations for a Bedan to find the hangout spot of their dreams.  

Beige Benedict Campbell 

Campbell, a first-year student from the Department of Political Science and the incumbent Student Council (SC) First-Year Representative, also had Pericos in mind regarding his hang-out spot. “All I can say is that I had fantastic service in this restaurant and made many memories there, making it an important part of my time as a student at San Beda University,said Campbell.  

Even though Pericos was the place that immediately came to mind, it was at Youniversity Suites, where he had his most memorable moment at a hangout spot. Due to the pandemic, most of his classes didn’t allow him to hang out with his classmates. However, when his first face-to-face class was held – it came to them to eat at Youniversity Suites.  

Campbell recommended Youniversity Suites to every Bedan due to the abundance of enjoyable activities there. “Billiards, karaoke, and practicing with their bands if they play an instrument. This location is ideal for fun and can be a gathering spot for friends to pass some extended downtime.”  

Campbell’s ideal hangout spot that he would like to see outside the campus would have more enjoyable activities, amusing entertainment, and leisure services for students. “Find places where you feel free to express yourself and where you feel comfortable. These places might as well be heaven since they make you feel like you can unwind after a long day of studying.” 

Jaca Luis Astudillo 

Astudillo excitedly told us about the Lion’s Den. Found on 1st Street, Astudillo emphasized its al fresco tambayan and unlimited water refreshments, which is essential for every student to keep them hydrated. 

The fourth-year Department of Economics and Public Policy student shared that the Lion’s Den is memorable as he gets to dine with his friends there after their 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday class. Based on Astudillo’s own words, there was something about that specific time in the Lion’s Den, saying that “-It would be an absolute vibe since it wouldn’t be too hot anymore and presko sa pakiramdam plus, it’s near San Beda.”  

He strongly recommends other Bedans to try out the Lion’s Den at 1st Street because of its cheap meals and great food. It also doubles as a hang-out spot because of its safe and cozy vibe. When asked what type of hangout spot he would want to see more outside the campus, Astudillo wanted to see comfortable study lounges and cafes with many charging sockets. 

Zsarelle Maxine Manuel  

 Manuel, a fourth-year Department of Accountancy and Taxation student, also mentioned Youniversity Suites as her go-to hangout spot. This was because Youniversity Suites offers a variety of food in addition to its ventilation. It is also memorable to Manuel as the place is not just for eating but also for entertainment. She highlighted the KTV rooms and billiards on the fourth floor to kill time. 

Manuel had a memorable Youniversity Suites moment, which she elaborated on. “Nu’ng first time namin makumpleto as a friend group ta’s d’un kami kumain, it was memorable since our schedules didn’t match, and our first interaction was really online kaya it was great sharing a meal with them.” 

According to her, Youniversity Suites also has all the traits for a great hang-out spot. By her definition, a great hang-out place is somewhere near the University to be accessible during a vacant period, as she and her friends do hang out there frequently. 

For Bedans, Manuel only wanted to share her two cents for Bedans who are still looking for that one spot: Anywhere can be a great hangout spot as long as you have great company. 

John Villena 

Villena shared that his favorite hangout spot outside the campus was a Nami.PH, Korean-style store near Chowking Legarda. The air-conditioned store offered plenty of affordable Korean food choices. 

The hangout spot was special to the second-year Department of Language and Literature student because he exchanged bracelets with someone special there! Memories of that moment keep replaying in his mind, making the place memorable to him, and making it his favorite hangout spot near the campus. 

He also recommended Bedans to try this place out, offering free soup and unlimited rice. Additionally, the Korean-style store has air-conditioning, fast service, and affordable food, as these are the essentials for him in picking the best hangout spot. 

“I wish to see street foods that offer BBQs with vegetables like leeks, onions, and tomatoes for students to have alternatives in pursuing a healthy diet,” Villena shared. There are no hangout spots around the campus that offer since most hangout spots outside the campus lack healthy offerings. These could have been the motivating factor as to why Villena was behind his advice to Bedans, who are still looking for their hangout spot. “Comfort is not enough. The healthiness of the offerings is also of the essence,” said Villena. 

Nate Soriano 

Soriano, a third-year student also from the Department of Language and Literature, has the P. Noval area as his go-to hang-out spot. “The place offers a wide array of choices to satisfy any spontaneous craving that might come to mind, from restaurants to coffee shops, most of them with a student-friendly budget,” said Soriano. He then cited food spots such as ‘Cusinero’ and ‘James and Che’s BBQ House’ as his recommended place to eat and Ukay-ukay shops as someone who enjoys thrifting. 

Soriano made many unforgettable memories around the area, but one stood out amongst the rest: the memory of his girlfriend moving into the area. Being tied by their wallets, they decided to go for the “holy grail” of student meals: siomai rice. Soriano mentioned enjoying each other’s company akin to an indie main character rom-com, eating ice cream beside the sidewalk, chilling on the overpass, and watching cars go by. 

Soriano recommended P. Noval because of its accessibility for Bedan students. According to him, a great hangout spot is walkable and accessible, can be found in commutable routes, is versatile with its options when hanging out, and is within a student’s budget. 

He shared that he wanted a wide field or green spaces around Manila to hang out on and establishments that run 24/7 for his late-night review sessions. He also advised other Bedans still looking for their hang-out spot, “Dare to explore around the area. Don’t be afraid to ask around for directions if you need help finding your way. Do your research before checking places to know what to expect, and lastly, use Google Maps. It’ll be your number one travel buddy.” 

A Bedan’s favorite spot is a haven for them to find solace. Embodying Ora et Labora, Bedans often forget that they are human and deserve to take a break and enjoy life. Through what these Bedans have said, coming from unique circumstances and situations, spend time at your hangout spot when needed.  

How about you? Do you have a go-to hangout spot? Where is it? What can you say about it? What made it special to you?  

(with D.S. Elijah N. de Castro) 


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